Glitterbomb Delight

Hello gentle readers. Well, we are over the hump and the weekend is on the way. Yay! I am so ready for the weekend, this week. Mama needs to go have some fun. Or Mama is going to torch the joint. (After I get all of my polish out, of course... *evil grin*)

Today, I was going to do a jelly sandwich mani. I was planning to do a ripoff version of this manicure by Nightly Nails. I had New York Summer Amaranth sitting in my untrieds hatbox and I thought that I would use some of my fabulous glitterbomb polish, The Glittering Crowd by the incomparable glitter frankener Lynderella. I swatched that polish, here. So, I applied two coats of Amaranth, let it dry for a mo, then I started in with The Glittering Crowd. But as I applied it, I realised that I loved it so much the way it was, that I couldn't bring myself to cover it with more polish.

So, no sammich, today. I topped my mani with a nice coat of Poshe` and let it dry a little, then I grabbed my crystal heart and fired off a bunch of shots and even a little video. The photos are clickable to enlarge, if you are so inclined.

 Let's start in the shade to give you a good look at the different Kinds of glitters in this fabulous franken of fun. 

I could describe this stuff all day and not get too all of the elements contained within this polish. Gah! I love it!

 In the sun. 

 This polish doesn't dance and scintillate. 

 It grabs the light and throws it back in your face in bold flashes. 

 Yes, my thumbnail is indeed chipped. *sigh* Happily, it is slowly growing out and becoming slightly less obvious than it was. This mani kind of helps to camouflage it, too.  

 *drool* This is one coat of this glitter, kids. One coat! :D

Here is a blurry shot to show some flash. 

Video of the spahkle and flash. 

New York Summer Amaranth is a beautiful grass green jelly. It is thick, silky smooth and applies so easily, flowing off the brush and sitting nicely down right where it is placed. The brush isn't my fave... I had a little difficulty with it making a smooth, even gap curve but it isn't awful. This polish is highly pigmented and I had an almost opaque finish in two coats. It dries fairly quickly and is a little satin matte. To get that delicious, translucent squish you must apply topcoat. I need to wear this polish on it's own, one day. :D

The Glittering Crowd is a glitterbomb of love. The base is super thick. It seems to be thicker than it was back when I swatched it. When I applied it, today it was more like packing it on, rather than stroking a polish on my nail. But the payoff is amazing. I mean, seriously amazing. I mean, can't stop looking at my nails, amazing. It dries surprisingly quickly and for as chunky as it is, it is surprisingly smooth under just one coat of topcoat. A second would probably make my nails smooth as glass, but I don't really feel the need for it, right now. I will probably hit this with a coat of Seche Vite, later, just to gloss it up, even more. "Cause Mama likes her sparkle and shine, ya know. ;)

I fed The Glittering Crowd some thinner when I finished up my mani, today. That should make it a little easier to apply next time I use it. I just don't want to use it too often. I don't want to run out of this polish. lol Removing this mani should be a lot of fun. :P Good thing I know how to do the acetone soak. lol

Thank you all so much for popping in. Have a great afternoon, stay cool and may your polish never bubble. 


  1. This is almost too much glitter . But I like it !

  2. I love it! It's like a birthday party on your nails!

  3. Like a box with jewels, sparkly and drool-worthy!

  4. wowza this is so pretty and i loves it!!

  5. Only those that are blind would not come up to you, grab your hand and drool over this mani. :)

  6. I love this so much! Everytime I see The Glittering Crowd on blogs I die a little.

  7. Looks fabulous! So jealous you have one of Lynderella's frankens!

  8. Thank you, everyone. :) This is a little over the top but it is sooo delicious with it. I wouldn't wear it often but on occasion, it is so much fun. :D

    I actually have two of Lynderella's frankens. *runs and hides* :)

  9. so so pretty it's a party mani I love this so much I'm super jealous I want this polish now!


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