A Little Haulage

Hello gentle readers. Yesterday I ran out and did a little shopping. I made a little score at Ross and moved on to Sally's and CVS. I got some stuff I needed, a few things I just wanted and a little something to add to my giveaway.

 At Ross I found two (there were five, actually but I thought that snapping up all of them would seem a little greedy) Color Club Poptastic collections. One for me. One for my giveaway. :D At Sally's I found a Finger Paints polish that was marked down to $1.99 and they had a sidewalk sale that took an additional 50% off clearance prices, making Artist's Sapphire one dollar. I also grabbed Finger Paints Art You Kidding Me?, a bottle of Seche Vite and China Glaze Blue Iguana. I was hoping that they would have 108 Degrees but no joy. Not shown is the quart bottles of acetone and remover I also picked up. If you had told me, before I started this blog that I would be buying acetone and remover by the quart I would have laughed in your face. Ha! The joke is on me. :P

Also at Sally's I bought a couple of conditioner samples (I love trying new hair stuff) and a Tweezerman tweezers. It was on a little display near the register. They are coated with some soft kind of stuff on the outside and there was a selection of different colours. I chose pink. :) I have hesitated to buy Tweezerman because of the price but this was only $5.39 with my Sally card. And I had my 15% coupon, too. So... It was a good deal. :) 

At CVS, I picked up a jar of face cream and a couple of Loreal HiP creme eyeliners. I have read good things about these liners and they were BOGO 1/2  and I couldn't resist grabbing two. I chose black and teal. 

So far, I have tried my new tweezers. Wow! Now I get why everyone loves them sooo much. I have made do with an old tweezers I bought from Avon for ninety-nine cents fifteen years ago or so. They aren't bad, but they are not great, either. My Tweezerman tweezers cleaned up my brows today so fast, so easily. The difference between them and my old ones is like driving a Pinto and a Bently. They both get you where you want to be, but one is so much more enjoyable than the other. 

I also tried the black HiP liner. I used the black to quick like tightline my upper lash line. The "professional brush" that comes with the liner is crap. But the liner, it's self is lovely. I used my angled brow brush (my poor liner push brush recently died fast and hard, may it rest in peace) to apply the liner to my lash line and it went on so quickly and smoothly. It took me a fraction of the time that mixing a dark powdered pigment with water and tightlining usually takes me. I need to play with these liners a little then I'll do a full review for you. :) 

I also added a few surprise polishes to my giveaway stash. There are some Color Clubs, a Dare to Wear (think scattered holo) and a Del Sol glitter. The colours shall remain a mystery. I'd still like to get a few more little goodies to add then I will set a closing date. I am kind of enjoying spinning this one out a bit, so it will be a while. *evil grin*

Can I just say, the moment I can afford to do so I am going shopping for new makeup brushes. My Bare Escentuals brushes are driving me in. sane. Like seriously crazy. They are old, I have had them so long, used them for so many years and the more I use them, the more I hate them. I am tired of the shedding, the broken hairs landing all over me, the hairs that actually feel a little prickly. Just as I am over the pots of minerals, I am over the brushes. I have been perusing the Coastal Scents site and I have decided that soon, I am going to buy palettes, pans, pressing medium and I am going to recreate my MMU to pressed. I love the formulas, the colours. I am just ready to be done with the little jars and lids and dust and raggle baggle. I used MMU for over ten years. Loved it. I am now over it. 

Have you entered my giveaway yet? Clickety click this link or the picture in my giveaway sidebar item to travel to my giveaway post. 

Thank you all so much for taking a little time out of your Sunday evening to spend a little time with me. Have yourselves a great evening and stay cool, everyone.