Manicure of the Moment... Happy Summer! And... How'z About a Hot Dog?

Hello gentle readers. Happy Solstice! First day of Summer! I love this day. I love Summer. Yes, I bitch and piss and moan about the heat and humidity and so forth but I really do enjoy the sizzle season.

To celebrate this, the longest, most fun day of the year I decided to apply Color Club I Always Get My Man-Darin from their Wicked Sweet Collection. I thought that the bright, happy orange yellow shade with a white micro shimmer would be perfect to usher in Summer. I applied three coats over base coat and topped it with Seche Vite.

Time for photos. They are clickable, of course.

 In direct sun. 

 See how bright and sunny.

 And have a gander at that lovely shimmer. 

 Eye popping, isn't it? Perfect for the day, I'd say. :D

Gweenies says, "Stop taking pictures of your nails and let me back in the house! I don't do outside. I don't do   hot!"

Color Club I Always Get My Man-Darin is a bright orange yellow neon with a hidden indoors, goes crazy bright outdoors in the sun white micro shimmer. It is a little sheer and streaky, I applied three coats and it is still a little uneven and I still have a little VNL. I don't mind the VNL, as you know but I am not nutzo about the streakies. I suspect that a fourth coat would have evened it out even better but I just didn't have the time to muck around with an extra coat, this morning. I doesn't look bad... Just not as smooth and even as I would prefer. Dry time is decent. It dries satin but top coat makes it all shiny and glossy and pretty and junk. 

This polish is scented. It has a sharp bright, citrus scent mingled with... A turpentine-ish undertone. I like the citrus, I could live without the turps. lol The scent is noticeable but not as strong as was the scent from Yum Gum. It doesn't bother me. But if scented products bother you or you just don't like them, you might want to pass on this collection. 

I am enjoying this colour a lot. Looking at it makes me happy. 

Thank you all so much for popping in. Have a terrific First Day of Summer, stay cool and may your polish never bubble.