Manicure of the Moment

Hello gentle readers. Howz everyone? All is well, here. Windy as hell. But well.

What the hell is it with this crazy ass wind, this Spring? Most days are windy. Today we have steady wind of 25 to 30 mph. Gusts to 40. Gargh!!! I have read that a lot of wind can drive some people crazy. I am beginning to believe that it could be true. 'Cause I have to tell you, I am feeling a little nutty, thanks to the blowing, blowing, bowing.

Not to mention the effect this pressure gradient and all this wind has on my polish! Bubble city! Thank heaven for Seche Vite. :P

Okay so to did a pedi, today. I had to get that failed crackle polish off my toes as I couldn't stand to look at it any longer. I painted my toenails with Color Club Screaming Fuchsia and topped it with Poshe`. Much, much better! Don't worry, I am not going to show toe pics. lol I love how this bright, neon hot pink makes my pale feet look lightly tanned. I have also discovered the joys of a cleanup brush used during a pedicure. I have a few toenails that have a shape I am not too crazy about. Using polish and my cleanup brush and a little acetone, I can tweak and adjust the shapes of those nails a bit, making them much more pleasing to my eye. I love that! :D

On my fingernails I applied two coats of China Glaze Below Deck from their Spring Anchors Away collection. Yummy! Purple-y taupe creme. Two silky coats topped with Seche Vite. I am going to show you pictures of them. ;)

Photographs to follow. They are clickable to make big, if you wish.

 Taken in direct noontime sun. The bright light washes this out a little. It is actually darker than these photographs.

In shade. The colour looks closer to true out of the bright sun. I don't know what is with those weird gold flecks... I had some on my fingers after I cleaned off my last manicure and I guess I didn't get it all off and some sneaked into this mani? Blech. Whatever. It only seems to show in macro photography so I am not too worried about it. 

China Glaze Below Deck is a beautiful purple taupe creme. This polish is rumored to be a dupe of the famous and highly sought after Channelesque. Since I don't own that particular polish, I can't say whether it is or not. Perhaps if any of my readers do own both you could tell me if that is true? Below Deck is thicker than her sisters in this collection. It sits right down, staying right in place where you put it. I suspect that a really superexpertpainter could get this on in one coat. I needed two, since I am not a superexpertpainter. There wasn't a whole lot of cleanup required with this polish. Just fussbudget stuff.

I had a lot of bubbling but I am not blaming the polish. We have a pressure gradient over us and it is stupidcrazywindy (Don't ask me what the hell is with my running words together, today. I think it is the wind. :P) and I tend to get bubbly polish when the weather is like this. Seche Vite did it's job, tho and smoothed those bubbles right down. 

Seche Vite rules! 

So does this polish. The colour is lovely, the texture is silky and yummy, it applies beautifully and it dries in good time. If you are looking for a nice purple-y taupe, I feel safe in saying you can't go wrong with this one.

Okay, I have stuff to do. Moar laundry, for one. *sigh* Sooo much fun. 

Thank you all so much for popping in. Have yourself a fab day. And may your polish never bubble. Oh! and please, don't forget to enter my giveaway, if you haven't, yet. The entry period remains open without a close date, at present. I'll probably set one, pretty soon. I am just not in the mood to do so, at this time. :)