Manicure of the Moment

Hello gentle readers. Having a good Monday? Mine has been good. Busy... But good. I had housework, as usual and one thing I had to do was scrub my nasty bathroom. Lazy slag I have been, I had let it go almost two weeks. *shudder* Unthinkable! Gross! Nawsty! There was toilet breath wafting into my bedroom. Blech!

After I got my house all sparkly, me all sparkly it was time to get my nails all sparkly. Housework is rough on a manicure and the Color Club Wicked Sweet polishes, as pretty-pretty as they are are not the longest wearing polishes for me. I usually get a good, solid two days chip free from them then I get serious tip wear and some minor shipping. Not knocking them. They are just short wear polishes, for me. :)

Today I am wearing OPI DS Reflection. A beautiful, rich raspberry red base packed full of diffuse holographic glitter. This polish is amaze-balls pretty. Raspberry red that shifts a little orange in the direct sun. The holo is brilliant and has red, gold, blue, orange... Hell. I can't name all of the colours that flash on the surface and deep within this beautiful polish. I applied two coats and topped it with Seche Vite. It was nearly fully opaque in one... If I had known it was this opaque, I might have got away with one. I'll have to try, next time I wear this.

Fair warning; my photographs don't do this beauty full justice. I tried my level best, but my camera and the lighting didn't make for the quality of photographs I wanted to show. Unfortunately, I am stuck with them. One day, I am going to be able to do a light setup and get a better camera. Then, look out! lol These photos are clickable for to make big. So, g'head. Click them. :D

Now for a little dampener on the festivities. As amazing-beautiful as this polish is, the formula isn't so much. I am surprised, as all of the other DS polishes I own have beautiful, silky formulas that apply like a little bit of perfect heaven.This polish was thick. Not silky-thick. But gloopy-thick. It seemed to almost want to try to seize up on me as I applied it. This polish needs to be applied fast and smooth. It doesn't react well to being over worked. It feels almost gritty, sandy as it is stroked onto my nails. It bubbled under the surface pretty badly. It dried in good time, but was satin matte and a bit grainy. Top coat is an absolute must to make this polish shine as it should. And thankfully, Seche Vite smoothed the bubbles.

I am going to thin this polish before I use it, again. Maybe that will make it a bit more biddable, a bit more pleasant to work with. :)

So, what do you think of this lovely? Do you own it? Lust after it? Do tell. I'd love to hear your thoughts about this polish.

Thank you so much for popping in. Have a lovely evening, stay cool and may your polish never bubble.


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