Manicure of the Moment

Hello gentle readers. How is your Tuesday shaping up? Well, I hope. :)

I hadn't planned to do my nails, today. But I took a close look at my pedicure and noticed that those nails were looking a little overgrown and the polish a little rough so... I had to do a pedicure. And of course, when I did my toes, I did a Dr. Destructo on my manicure and so I had to do a fresh mani.

I did my toes in Orly Red Flare. It is a gorgeous blood red crelly. I will have to do a mani with this colour, soon and show it. It is a knockout. On my fingernails, I applied two coats of China Glaze Pelican Grey. A beautiful, watery, light grey creme with a subtle silvery shimmer. I topped it with Seche Vite. This colour is so soft, so gentle but not in the least boring. I think I love it. I think I love it, a lot. :)

Photographs were taken in sun, slightly cloud filtered. They are clickable, us always.

China Glaze Pelican Grey is a lovely, light grey. It has a soft silvery shimmer and a watery quality to it that separates it from any other grey I have ever worn. In the sun, at different angles you can see a little green and even blue in it but I wasn't able to capture those colour shifts with my camera.

The formula is thin, you need to keep it corralled or it will try to run on you. The first coat was pretty mad streaky but the second coat rode in on it's white horse and made everything come out smooth, opaque and lovely. This polish resents being over worked. It needs to be applied fast and smooth and don't even think of going back over it. It will drag like a sumbitch.

This polish bubbled like mad. But I am not blaming the polish for that. The weather here is a little insane, right now. I think we are getting a little pre Monsoon action and there is weird pressure, humidity is rolling in and it is windy and the towers are going up. My polish always misbehaves in this kind of weather. Happily, Seche Vite smoothed most of the bubbles down, so my polish looks just fine. :)

All in all, this polish is full of win. It is beautiful. It has a pretty nice, if a tad temperamental, formula. It is opaque and smooth in two coats. It dries in good time (a little longer, today thanks to the humidity) and dries with a nice shine. I really like it and you will definitely see this beauty on my nails, again. If you don't own it, if you like grey, I heartily suggest that you grab it. I think You will really enjoy it.

Okay. Time to run along. I have to get me some lunch and get a couple of things done. Thank you so much for coming in and spending a little time with me. :)  Have yourselves a terrific day, stay cool and may your polish never bubble.


  1. Ah, this is beautiful ... just what I needed to see near the end of a crazy workday.

  2. I can't believe I haven't worn this yet. I did pull it out last night to use in a camo print. Maybe I'll have to skip the print for a few days and just use this :)

  3. I used to have an aversion to light gray polishes but then they grew on me (thanks to Cult Nails). This one is really pretty - the shimmer really makes it. Orly Red Flare sounds perfect for a red hot summer day!

  4. Watery is a really good word to describe this shade! I'm kind of regretting not getting this! I didn't get anything from the ChG Anchors Away collection, which is weird since I love nautical things!

  5. I've never tried a gray - now I might have to!

  6. ooh i like this shade of gray!

  7. I'm not big into this color for myself but it looks totally awesome on you!

  8. omg loving the colour.


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