Nail Mail

Hello gentle readers.

Look what just landed in my life!


One of my biggest polish lusts of all time. It is now mine.

OPI DS Original.

I took pictures before the sun really started to set. Mani pics probably tomorrow. It is supposed to be seriously sunny, tomorrow.

Tomorrow come fast!!




Too bad. I'm doing it, anyway. :P

They are clickable, if you want your eyes punched out. :D

 Ignore my poor thumbnail. That is the one I decimated when I was trying on shoes last week. And the reason why my nails had to go back to Nubbin Town. I have a ways to go to grow out that horrid angle. But it was that or file down to the quick. *shudder* I'll keep the angle, thankyouverymuch!

I die. *swoon*

Actually, I don't know if I am going to wear this or just carry it around with me and pet it until I wear through the bottle and polish spills out all over me.Then I will never bathe, again, so as to save the holo beauty on my skin.

Yes. You may have me hauled away and sedated, now.

Am I the only one who gets this idiotically excited about receiving a long lusted after pretty, pretty, pretty polish?

Please. Tell me I am not.

Okay, now I really am done for the day. Promise.

Go buy yourself a ridiculously expensive, long lusted after polish. It feels soooooo good. Trust me. :D

I could kick my ass for forgetting to take a pic of my new pretty while it was in it's box. *sigh* Bad! Bad! I should lose my Polish Addict stripes for that!


  1. HOLY BALLS! I need this now :) As if I never did... pst.

  2. Soooo....gorgeous.... *drool*

  3. Holy moly!! Awesome colors!

  4. That is gorgeous!!! I have DS Coronation and I compared it to a Color Club holo in the same color and now I want to swap it. It actually hurts my heart that I don't like the Coronation.

  5. After reading your blog about your OPI DS polish {which was very entertaining by the way}....I had to run out to my Ulta today and buy one. I purchased Jewel and I AM IN LOVE!!and It's all your fault LOL.



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