Now, That's Some Jacked Up Stamping

Hello gentle readers. Yes, your Queen royally screwed up her nails, today. The design stamped just fine. It was my image placement that blew big green ones. That is what I get for doing my left pinkie, going over and stamping my right hand (which, inexplicably turned out great... :p) then coming back to stamp my left hand. I totally forgot the angle I used for my pinkie and was trying to find it.

Resulting in my nails looking as if they were stamped by a drunken seal in the dark.

I stamped this image with a fauxnad plate and Konad Special White Stamping Polish and topped it with Seche Vite.

The pic is clickable... But don't. Seriously. Don't. If you must, be sure to hide the pets and cover the kids' eyes before you do. lol

Konad Special Stamping Polish in white is so nice to work with. It stamps a crisp, bright image on any background colour (except white... dur! lol) and it cleans up beautifully. No smearing, no staining, no BS. This is a Konad Stamping polish I really like. I will happily buy this polish again, when I need to. :)

I think I have talked about these plates, before. They are the MASH plates from an Amazon seller. When I purchased them I didn't realize that they were all Konad image copies. I learned that when I got them home. I felt a little weird about keeping them but honestly, at the time they were so inexpensive (the price has since more than doubled) that sending them back would have cost me almost as much as I paid for them. Not to mention waiting for the refund to my card and blah, blah, blah. It wasn't worth the expense and raggle baggle. And they had a lot of images I wanted, so I kept them.

Mmmkay. So, there you have it. My jacked up stamping. Cute as hell image. Really, I love it. I just need to remember to keep my angle consistent.

Thank you so much for popping in. Have yourself a terrific day and may your polish never bubble. Or your stamping get all wonky.