On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

Hello gentle readers. Happy Hump Day! The week is half done. The weekend draws closer.

Today's Pink Wednesday shade is China Glaze Ahoy. Not technically pink... But close enough. I think? Maybe? Yes? I think so. In fact, as your Queen, I decree that Ahoy is pink and perfectly appropriate for wear on Pink Wednesday.

China Glaze Ahoy is a deep raspberry pink. It is rich, blue based and glimmers with gold and pink and magenta glass fleck. This polish is seriously gorgeous. And tragically, my poor old camera was not able to do it justice in the least. It tried. But it washed out the deep rich colour and didn't capture the glowing, shining and sparkling qualities that make Ahoy a truly special polish. I applied two coats. It was opaque indoors. When I got it out in the sun for photographs, there was definite VNL. Since that doesn't bother me, I am content. However, if VNL makes you nuts, you might like three, better. I topped this with Seche Vite, of course.

Photos are clickable, if you wish. I don't suggest it. Seriously, my camera sucked big green ones with this mani and no one needs to see that close up. :p

China Glaze Ahoy is, like her sisters in this collections a little thin. But it applies beautifully and didn't really try to run on me. As I had the bottle open, by the second coat, it had tightened up a little, making it a little thicker and even silkier. The little cleanup I did was just fussbudget refining. The jelly-ish finish is beautiful. Shiny-shiny with a glowing depth to it. There is a sharpness to the colour, making it feel crisp and delicious and very juicy, too. Like fresh raspberries sprinkled with sparkling sugar. Yum!

Okay. Enough gushing. lol

Do you own this polish? Love it? Wear it on Pink Wednesday?

Thank you so much for popping in. Have a wonderful Wednesday, stay cool and may your polish never bubble.


  1. I love love love this polish. Wear every single pink Wednesday! LOL

  2. LOVE Ahoy! I have it lined up for next week's Pink Wednesday.

  3. I would say it's pink:) It's a gorgeous color! I'm looking for lihthouse from the same collection but my sally's hasn't gotten it in yet. Wear do you think I could get it besides online?

  4. Gorgeous ! Little subtle shimmers I see .

  5. nailholic, it is a good choice. :D

    Madeline, yay! I think it is lovely for Pink Wednesday.

    Hannah J, have you tried Ulta? The last time I was in one, there were a lot of the Anchors Away polishes. If you have other beauty supply stores in your area, they would be worth checking out. You might also try nail salons. My local Wal Mart nail salon sells polishes. A lot of nail and even beauty salons will sell polishes. I hope this helps. :)

    Toyomi, They are more subtle than some. And, add my camera's incompetence and they don't show very well, at all.

  6. wow soo pretty i love the your nail and the colour is sooo prety^^

  7. Absolutely pink! Raspberry pink. I love this polish - it's one of my faves. I've worn it quite a bit since I picked it up earlier this year.

  8. Oh, that's totally pink! Absolutely counts. Also, absolutely pretty.

  9. Of course you can wear this for Pink Wednesday! Two weeks ago I wore purple =P I say anything counts. This is one of my favorites from Anchors Away.

  10. I don't own any CG but I think this is a must-have color for me!


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