Pink Wednesday

Hello gentle readers. It is Wednesday and I am wearing pink. Color Club Yum Gum from their Spring Wicked Sweet collection. This is seven candy hued and scented bright creme polishes, perfect for the warmer months.

Yum Gum is a bright bubblegum pink that smells like bubblegum as it dries. The smell reminds me of Bubble Yum. The ultimate bubblegum when I was a kid. Packages of big, pillow-y chunks of sugary chewing delight that allowed a kid to blow bubbles bigger than your head. Lordy, I loved that stuff. :D The undertone of the scent of this polish is a little chemical-y. Not surprising, since it is. Chemical-y. lol I don't mind the smell. It isn't the best fake gum scent I have run across but it isn't bad. The scent radiates right through topcoat.

I applied three coats of Yum Gum and topped it off with Seche Vite. I like the contrast of this pink against my glowy, softly tanned skin. I am test driving Jergen's Natural Glow. So far, I kinda like it. I am going to use it a while longer then I will do a review. :D

Okay, on to pictures of my pretty pink tips. They are as always, clickable.

The top shot is in shade, to try to show the true colour better and the rest are in direct sun. My camera is up to it's old tricks, washing out my pink polish, again. Bleargh!

Color Club Yum Gum is a bright, white based pink creme. It is nearly neon. The formula is thick, it is a bit streaky when applied. It doesn't self level well and I needed three full coats and Seche Vite to melt and further smooth it to get it even and nice. This polish sets it's self down very nicely and it doesn't try to run or flood my cuticles. This polish can be a little cantankerous. It doesn't like to be worked a lot. Plenty of polish on the brush and a quick, smooth as possible application is best. Cleanup was a breeze. Dry time is really good with this polish. And I don't have to sit around treating my nails like bone china half the day, waiting for my polish to dry and cure. A definite plus.

I like this polish. Yes, it is a tad bratty. But not enough to put me off. I'll definitely wear this again.

Are you wearing pink, today? Do you own this polish? Like it? Is the scent something that you can hang with or does it make you run screaming into the night, holding your nose?

Thank you so much for popping in. Have a wonderful day and may your polish never bubble.