Pink Wednesday

Hello gentle readers.

Is anyone else having trouble with Firefox? Or is it just me? My puter had difficulty earlier defragmenting and I wonder if it caused a glitch with my Firefox? Websites aren't loading completely and things are slow and screwed up. I tried restarting my computer and no joy. *sigh* I hope that this is Firefox, not my puter. I don't have the tech savvy to do anything about a problem with my computer and it will have to go in, if it is in trouble.

Blech! I don't even have spell check, right now. I hate, hate, hate Internet Explorer!

Okay, enough whining.

Today is Pink Wednesday and I have Sinful Colors Social Ladder to show to you, today. This is a soft, milky pink jelly with a slight pink opalescence and white shimmer that fires in different colours in the sun. I applied two coats and I have VNL. Three or four coats might make it opaque but I like it like this. I topped this with Seche Vite.

Photographs are clickable, if you would like to see them big.

 In direct noontime sun.

 Closer. I tried to capture the beautiful shimmer and what it can really do.

 Super close.

 In shade.

In sun, again. WTF is with the photo loader? Gah! puter stuff hates me, today!

Sinful Colors Social Ladder is slightly thick, a teensy bit streaky on the first coat but it levels out with subsequent coats. It applied easily, settled right down where placed. This polish doesn't like to be over worked. It needs to be applies swiftly, smoothly and with a fair amount of polish on the brush. Dry time is good, made better by Seche Vite.

This browser is driving me seriously insane. It is horrid. Lord have mercy, I miss Firefox and I hope that the problems I am having is die to that browser, not my computer.

Okay, enough bitching. Whatever will be will be. Either the problem will be solved by Mozilla or my puter will have to go in to be serviced. It is under warranty.

Thank you so much for popping in. Have a wonderful day and may your polish never bubble. 


  1. I have this and I haven't worn it yet, but it is deff very pretty.

  2. Very pretty! I might have to pick this up the next time I'm out and about.

    Have you tried Google Chrome? Firefox was too sluggish for me the last time I tried it, and Chrome has spell check on it, as well.

  3. Pretty. I will look for this color the next time I'm out. I use google chrome so no issues for me with the website. I hope you get your problem fixed soon.

  4. Google Chrome user here, and everything is a-ok. Love the pink mani, it looks like a sugary gumdrop! :)

  5. Aaah!! I have a weakness for pinks like this! I banned myself from buying more and I'm on a no-buy until September. Woe is me!!

  6. This is waay to sheer for me . But I do like the color on you .

  7. That's so pretty! I'll have to look for this one. Firefox is working okay for me, though.

  8. Lovely polish it looks great on you! :) I would run virus and spyware scans and dump your cookies. Also I wanted to know if you use the free AVG Virus program. The new one has caused my browsers to slow down terribly. I found out it was the safe search add-on from AVG. When using my IE 9 or Firefox browser I could hardly scroll the page and it would just freeze on me and get stuck. So I went into tools and add-ons and disabled the safe search feature. I use to love seeing the little green checks by websites I just felt better clicking a link with them but AVG has made it impossible to keep using since their latest update (grr!). I hope this helps. Sorry for the long post.

  9. never seen this color before!! its gorgeous!! :)


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