Hello gentle readers. I decided to refresh my mani with a quick bit of stamping.


Refresh? Quick?


I grabbed one of my new Bundle Monster plates, black Konad Special Polish and other stuff and got to it. The design came out cute but that is all the good I can say about the entire experience. After I got it all stamped, I let it dry while I cleaned up my mess then topped the design with Seche Vite, oiled the shit out of my poor cuticles and fired off a few photographs.

Konad Special Polish in black is, in my experience an absolute nightmare to use. It makes for deeply black, crisp images on the nail and that is all the good I can say about it. I had, as usual, over stamp. When I went to do cleanup, rather than melting away in front of my cleanup brush and acetone, it melted and smeared all over the place, flooded my cuticles and stained the shit out of my fingers and cuticles. Gah!!! I had to soak Q-Tips and roll the worst of the polish off, then finish with my brush. It was such a nightmare to clean up that I ended up taking off a bunch of my regular polish with it. From now on, I think I will just stamp with regular black polish. It has always worked just fine for me in the past. And not been high, holy hell to clean off when I over stamp.

The mess of cotton rounds and Q-Tips from cleaning as I stamped and when I was done. That shit actually stained my stamper! Blech!

In my personal experience, Konad polishes aren't the stamping wonder that they are made out to be. I really like the white... It stamps brilliant, crisp images where regualr white polish gives a softer, more subtle image. But for other colours and metallics, I really prefer intensely pigmented regular polishes. But remember, this is just my opinion, based on my own use of these particular polishes. I am not in any way saying that they are bad products or telling all of you that you should pass them up. I know that a lot of people have really good results from them and love them. To each her own. :)

Okay, that is about it, from me, right now.

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And, speaking of stamping, I added four new, unused fauxnad plates, a stamper and scraper to the goody pile. :D

Okay. Now I am done.

Thank you so much for popping in. Have a fab evening and may your polish never bubble.