Stampity-Stampity-Stamp, a Little Haulage and Sharing My Shame

Hello gentle readers. What's up? Everyone having a good Tuesday? Yeah? Great. :D

Busy around here. Well... Sorta busy around here. I got a little bit of a late start, today and that threw my entire routine off kilter. I actually slept until almost nine, this morning. Shoot me for the lazy assed sloth I am! lol After that, I was way behind. Then, to add to my backup, I went downstairs to clean my bathroom and decided to give my mother a quick call to say hi and ended up yammering for well over an hour and a half. After that, my day was pretty much screwed. lol

But I am finally caught up and had a chance to renovate yesterday's mani a little and take a haul pic and a picture of my untried polishes in their hatbox. Because I feel the need for humiliation, today.

Okay, so I stamped my China Glaze Below Deck mani with Konad Special Princess Polish in Psyche Pink with BM 224. Can I just say how much I love that stamping colour? It is seriously pretty. And in direct sunlight, it is even prettier. It is a bright, hot pink packed with pink and blue shimmer. I need me a bottle of regular polish that looks like this stamping polish. The images are kind of blending into the background. I was hoping for a bit more pop but I like the effect just fine. I am going to remove it tomorrow, so... I am not sweating it. I topped my fauxnadicure with Seche Vite after the images had a couple of minutes to dry.

 Phyche Pink over China Glaze Below Deck. I was hoping for more pop. It's still pretty, just not what I was expecting.

So, I did a little hauling. A very, very little. The old budget is tight. Hear that scream? That is my wallet. :P But I did manage to get a few goodies. This is in addition to some other stuff I needed, facial cleanser, moisturiser, that sort of stuff. I don't just buy polish and neglect the rest of me, you know... ;)

 Sorry about the blurry. For some reason, sometimes my camera refuses to focus.

 From the left, Essie French Affair (got it on clearance at my local Walgreen's), Wet-N-Wild Blitzen (I now have seven of the nine reindeer from the Christmas collection from last year. I just find them in random spots in my local Walgreen's and when I do, I grab them!) Revlon Just Tinted in Desire, Mystical (which I wore the other day) Dawn and Victorian. Then there is Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat in Ink Splatter. What is it with me and crackle polishes? They hate me! And I keep buying them! Glargh! I am sick! Sick, I tell you! 

They say that the first step to healing is to share and open up about one's shame. Well, here is mine. My hatbox of untried polishes. All of my untrieds are in my second largest hatbox. They are all packed in and fill the bottom, completely then I have more piled in on top. And, I am supposed to be using them. Lowering the number of untried polishes. Instead, I am buying more. :P I should knock a bunch of them out in big old swatch posts but then I would be repeating in Manicure of the Moment posts and I don't know... A sick part of me kind of likes it this way. so... 

Yeah... I need more hands. Not being so damned lazy/busy/whatever and actually doing my nails a little more often might help, too.

Buying less polish would also help. 

Not that that is going to happen, anytime soon. 

Do you have a big untried polish pile? Feel like sharing your shame with the rest of us? Please, don't tell me I am the only one in this pickle! Please, show us your untried polish stash. Don't leave me alone out here. It's dark and I think something just brushed against my leg... 

I did something really, really naughty, last night. 

Get your frakking mind out of the gutter! ;P lol

I was sifting around on Amazon and found, buried in a little page after another little page (you know the ones, that you click and slide along?) a listing for OPI DS Original. I hesitated. Really I did. For about oh... One one hundredth of a second or so. I did my due diligence and checked out the seller. Good reviews. Almost 100% positive across the board. Good enough for me. I popped the add to cart button and checked out before I could change my mind. I spent twenty bucks plus three dollars for shipping on one bottle of polish. That is a record for me. Ack! But I don't regret it one bit. I have wanted that polish with a velvet passion for a long time. It shipped, this morning. I should have it in the next couple of days. I can't wait! And it had better be genuine. So far, so good on that from Amazon sellers. I hope the streak continues. :)

And Amazon is so much easier than evil bay. I don't have to have Pay-Pal (of which I am scared shitless) and I don't have to jump through the pushy sellers' hoops and do this, kiss ass, do that, leave them perfect feedback or they will come over to my house and beat me senseless with a wet noodle or ban me from ever buying anything again or some such threatened action, have a Pay-Pal verified address and so on and so forth. And oh! We don't sell to new buyers. Huh? WTF??? How are new buyers supposed to become "old buyers" if sellers don't want our business? Gah! Just reading the requirements for buying something on that site is enough to continue to scare me away from popping my e-bay cherry. I am registered. That is as far as I have gone with them.

So, yeah. I like Amazon better. I can't find all of the things I see on the bay, but I don't have near the worry and scary factor, either. 

And just when did Pay fucking Pal take over the world, anyway? About the same time Apple did, if I am not mistaken. 

But I am not bitter... 
Okay. Enough of this shit. Thank you so much for popping in. Have a terrific evening and may your polish never bubble. Or e-bay sellers come beat you senseless with a wet noodle.


  1. The mani is adorable. Your story of a hot pursuit polish, hilarious!

  2. lol! I think you have as many untried as I do...trieds. :P

    paypayl is great! I've never had a problem. I haven't had any Ebay problems either and they have buyer protection.

  3. That is a great combination. I never would have thought of it! I use Amazon for a ton of my polish shopping! I get gift cards from doing surveys and end up getting my polishes cheap because of that!

  4. Oh, it is pretty! It doesn't pop a lot, but definitely not in the background.
    Hahaha! I actually prefer to find stuff on Amazon, I've had better luck and to me, it's just easier to use. It IS intimidating on Ebay!
    Also, my untrieds are not off by themselves, they're mixed in with the rest of my polish. O_o I ravage through my stash to figure out what I haven't used/posted yet! It's insanity, but I have a massive amount of untrieds. I can say with authority, you are NOT alone.

  5. I put all my new polishes that buy in one big drawer so i don't know how many untrieds I do have. Probably a lot, because when i'm running late or rushing i can always use a polish that is a 1 coater and then I'm out the door LOL.

  6. Love the combination. sooo preettyy!! :) Oh, new follower here. nice blog BTW. :)

    misskatv beauty straight forwards

  7. I have forty untrieds on my desk, and I just ordered seven more today. I think a lot of us have that problem. :)

  8. You are not alone with tons of untried polishes! I have so many I dare not count. Amazon is really great for nail polishes, but I do stalk ebay for China Glaze OMG collection polishes. I caught myself buying polishes the other day for no reason other than... hmm they might come in useful doh! And I have been slacking on my nail art to. :( But I have excuses I tell ya~!! hehe And I think your nails came out adorable! :D

  9. Love the mani!! The pink over gray looks great and your hatbox is bigger than my box of untireds. I thougt I was the only one.

  10. I buy them as a pick me up instead of eating and I have a little box since now I am a mom of young ones I don't get to paint my nails as much as I would like. Have you thought of perhaps selling lots of your tried or untried that you no longer love on ebay? I would totally get on your castoffs!

  11. I have a shoebox of shame... it's packed full, and when I checked my untrieds list the other day, it's about 100 polishes long! So no, you're not alone. ^_^

    Oh, and that color combo is pretty nifty - kind of understated with a bit of pop - I like it!


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