Closing Date

Hello gentle readers.

I have added the last two polishes to my giveaway pile and have decided to set a closing date for my giveaway. I think I have spun it out long enough. lol

My giveaway will close on July 31st at 11:59 pm MST. I will draw a winner shortly after that.

And no. I am not going to tell you what the last two polishes are. I will tell you that they are China Glaze. :D

If you haven't entered yet, please clickety-click here! You can also click my giveaway picture at the top of my right hand column. Either way will take you right to my giveaway post.

Here is a bonus LOL Cat picture because you took the time to pop in, again. :D

Okay, so that should be it, for tonight. :D


  1. HAHA great cat picture! Starbucks IS special noms :)

  2. You do choose some fairly righteous LOLcats. Well played, Ice. Well played.

  3. So cute!! U do find the cutest lol cats!


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