Comparison: China Glaze White Cap and China Glaze Frosty

Hello gentle readers. How is everyone, tonight?

I have a comparison post to share with you, tonight. I own two China Glaze layering polishes, China Glaze White Cap from their Anchors Away Spring Collection and Frosty from their 'Tis the Season Holiday Collection from last year. At first glance, these polishes look a lot alike. White, shimmery, sheer, layering polishes. But once you get them on, they show just how different they really are.

White Cap is a sheer, white base packed full of gold glass fleck shimmer with hints of green when fired by the sun. Warm, glimmery and the colour of bright, golden sunshine on ruffled water. Frosty is a sheer, white base with a white and silver glass fleck shimmer. Cool, icy, with a hint of cold pink. 

These swatches are two coats of each, no top coat. 

 In shade. White Cap (black cap) on the left, applied to my index and ring finger nails. Frosty (silver cap) on the right, applied to my middle and pinkie finger nails. 

 In full sun. 

Again, in full sun. Look at the gold in White Cap! 

Both of these polishes have lovely formulas. They are a little thin but they don't run or pool. They aren't streaky, they don't drag or get clotted. They dry quickly and enhance whatever polish they are applied over. They are even pretty on their own. :D

So, do you own these polishes? Love them? Lust after them? They are easy to find; I bought both on Amazon. They are also available from various beauty e-tailers, Ulta and beauty supply stores. 

Okay, time for me to go grill the chicken, so I must run. Thank you so much for popping in. Have a great night and may your polish never bubble. 


  1. I love them both. Haven't bought them, but love them still :)

  2. Both are pretty and both are good to have :)

  3. I like the looks of White Cap but I'm not sure if I need it because I have Jesse's Girl Firefly. They're lovely, though!

  4. I have White Cap but haven't used it with anything that I totally love yet. I'm glad you compared these because I'd been eyeing Frosty for a while. Now I know I have the better one (in my opinion). Great comparison!

  5. Thanks for the comparison I want both now!

  6. I have Frosty and I have Jesse's Girl Firefly which looks pretty close to White Cap. They're both really pretty and definitely very different.

  7. I am glad that this comparison was helpful. :D


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