Hello gentle readers.

Today I decided to have a little fun with my nails and tried some sponging. My Nicole By OPI No Limits manicure was still in nearly perfect condition. I have to hand it to this polish, it is a long lasting polish. After four days, I had nearly no tip wear, no chips. Next time I need to apply a polish that has to stay intact for a long time, I know which one to reach for, fo shizz. :)

So, anyhoozle, I sponged some silver Funky Fingers polish onto my nails with a cut up makeup sponge then I sponged over that some Wet-N-Wild Dasher, a fine holo glitter, much like China Glaze Fairy Dust. Then I sponged on Wet-N-Wild Dancer, a silver hex glitter. Lessons learned, sponging with polish, good. Sponging with glitters, bad. Cleaning up the inevitable mess on the skin is a screaming bitch when it is comprised of glitters. Gah! Next time I try this, I will just apply the glitter from the bottle with the brush.

I am not overly impressed with the job I did on this manicure. It isn't awful. It is okay. I need to work on sponging a bit more, as I think I got the silver a bit too thick... I topped this manicure with Poshe` after I did the best I could to clean up my mess.

There was not much sun and for some reason, my camera refuses to behave in macro and I apologize for the shit photograph.

Okay, so... What do you think? Am I living in a fantasy world thinking that I could maybe do gradient and sponging? lol

Thank you so much for popping in. Have a terrific day and may your polish never bubble.


  1. I like it! It looks like there's so much going on, but not so much so that it slaps you in the face. WIN!

  2. I love it! Gorgeous. I can't sponge for crap so I just smoosh it on with my brush, so I admire anyone who can sponge!

  3. Lawdy, lawdy! I see no photo fail! That's dazzling. :)

  4. Oh great mani to match your blog name!

  5. This is definitely NOT awful. I love it!

  6. I LOVE it! But I love all things glitter, hehe :)

  7. wow I love your experimenting!! Keep doing it

  8. So sparkly! I don't know how you can't stop staring at it!


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