Freehand Nail Art Virginity Lost at Last

Hello gentle readers. How is everyone on a hothothot Tuesday? I am well. Not too hot here, yet. It is only 76 and there is a breeze but the humidity, which was low this morning is flooding back in on us. Blech! Methinks we are in for a storm, in a bit.

I *heart* thunderstorms! :D

Okay, so... I read a tweet from @ColorClubNail this morning with a link to a tutorial for hand painting roses on one's nails. Yes... I know. I. And a tutorial for hand painted nail art. I can hear the hyenas cackling madly in my background. They, as well as I know that I have zero true artistic talent. I am creative as hell. But artistic? Nope. Not even a little tiny bit. 

But, reading this tutorial and looking at the pictures, I thought that even I might be able to paint roses with their method. I even tweeted something to that effect. Yeah. Now I was trapped. Time to put my money where my big, fat mouth (or fingers, if you will) is.

So, I thought of what I would like to do, gathered some materials and some plain paper and started off by doing some practice painting with both my right and left hands. This wasn't going to do me any good if I couldn't do this with both hands! To my utter amazement and shock, I was able to create, with both hands, mind you, roses that looked suspiciously like the ones in the tutorial. Woo hoo! I suspect that with a little practice I can get better and make my roses look even more rose-y. :D

For my finished design on my nails (over my existing Color Club Secret Rendezvous), I put chevron guides on my ring and thumb nails on both nails then painted above the chevrons with Orly Gumdrop then below with Sinful Snow Me White. I then removed the guides and painted tiny roses on the Gumdrop and white portions of those nails. I was going to leave it at that but then I got the inspired insane idea to paint stripes in Gumdrop and Snow Me White on the rest of my nails. Uh... Yikes! Heinous stripes! Seriously baaaad stripes. What to do? What to do?

Paint roses on top of the stripes, of course! So, I painted larger roses on top of my heinous stripes and suddenly, they didn't look so bad. But, now my nails were suffering from definite overkill. So, to enhance that effect just a little more, I decided to add pearls in the points of my chevrons on my thumbs and rings. Then I topped everything with Seche Vite.

My nails look kind of like the wallpaper that covered the walls in a cottage we lived in for a while, back home. Same colours and everything. Good times. :P

The beauty of this painting method is that even those of us who can't paint a stick figure to save our lives can paint something pretty on our nails. And now that I know how, expect to see more roses on my nails, in the future. :D

Supplies used:

Chevron French tip guides
Tiny half pearls
Orly Gumdrop
Sinful Colors Snow Me White
China Glaze Starboard (for rose leaves)
Striping polishes in red, dark pink and white (the colours I used for my roses)
Two fine artist brushes. A tiny one for roses, slightly larger for stripes
Seche Vite

I painted my roses with a #000 artist's brush since I had no control with the brushes in the striping polish bottles. I used a slightly larger and longer brush for my stripes. I need practice making stripes and I also need to obtain a long bristle fine striping brush.

Okay, so. Yeah. I actually did freehand nail art. Never thought I would see this day! Bet you didn't, either. lol Do you paint roses on your nails? Now that you have seen the tutorial, do you think that you might like to try it? Trust me, it is easy! If I can do it, anyone can. :D

Thank you so much for popping in. Have a great day and may your polish never bubble.