Manicure of the Moment

Hello gentle readers. I hope that you all had a great Fourth. And that you are all nicely recovered from the festivities.

Today I have a fresh mani in Sinful Colors Verbena. I found this on their Beverly Hills display. I had hoped to get this colour and some others from the Adventure Island display but that one is nowhere to be found in my area. *sigh* I really wanted the green-y ones. Maybe they will show up in other displays. Sinful is really good at putting the same colours on different displays. What is up with that?

Anywhoozle, Sinful Colors Verbena is a very pretty slightly dusty dark lilac creme that thinks it wants to be a jelly. I applied two coats and topped it with Seche Vite. This is beautiful polish and it is insanely shiny.

Photographs were taken outdoors under a deeply cloudy sky. It is Monsoon-atrocious out there today and there isn't a ray of sun to be found. But this is pretty in shady conditions, too. Photographs are clickable, if you are in the mood.

Sinful Colors Verbena has a very nice formula. A teensy bit thin but not at all hard to work with. It goes on nicely and self levels fairly well, too. There was a little streaking on the first coat but by the second, it was all opaque and silky smooth. I tend to paint thicker coats; if you paint them thinner, you might need three. Dry time is pretty good, cleanup was pretty minimal.

I do have one little gripe: What the heck is with the brush? It felt different. Stiffer. Kind of "plastic-y". I don't know... The brush in this bottle of polish just felt different. It wasn't awful. It worked decently, I even got a pretty nice gap curve with it. It is just weird. Or maybe it is all in my head.

So, gentle reader, you you own this pretty polish? Think that you might like to? I would recommend you give it a whirl. Thank you so much for popping in. Have a great afternoon and may your polish never bubble.