Manicure of the Moment

Hello gentle readers. Hows tricks?

I wasn't planning to change my polish today but I had a snaggy spot on one nail and I thought it was cracking and in need of repair so I took the polish off just that nail, trying not to mess up the rest of my nails. Trying being the operative word. I didn't succeed. As careful as I was, I managed to muck up a couple of other nails so all of my polish had to come off. Happily, I didn't have a break or crack, it was just a little peel spot which I swiftly fixed with a little glue.

So, I needed new polish. Hmmm... What to choose? How about Color Club Give Me a Grape Big Kiss from their Wicked Sweet Collection. A bright, almost neon purple jelly that smells like grape fizz. I never thought that a nail polish could smell fizzy, but this one does! lol I applied three coats to get it nearly fully opaque and lovely and smooth.

My stupenayggle camera washed this colour out, horribly. It is medium purple, deeper and more red and blue than my photographs show. Those of you who own this polish know what I am talking about. The top two photos are in sun, the last in shade in a vain attempt to show this polish as it really is. *sigh* I seriously hate my camera.

Color Club Give Me a Grape Big Kiss is a nice formula. Easier to handle than some of it's fellows in this collection. A jelly, it is silky, translucent and a little streaky, especially on the first coat. The next two evened it all up very nicely and made it nearly opaque. This polish is slightly thin but not runny. I didn't have trouble with running or pooling. Dry time is a tad slow but not too, too bad. This polish dries almost shiny, top coat makes it super shiny and glossy and really plays up the lovely squish factor. I like the scent. It is a grape candy or soda kind of scent and it smells fizzy. It is one of those Summer scents from right back in childhood.

Do you own this polish? Love it? Would you perhaps like to own it? "Cause I am giving it away, along with the rest of the Wicked Sweet Collection and some other goodies in my First Blogoversary Giveaway. Please click the link or the pic at the top of my right hand column to travel to my giveaway post. :D

Thank you so much for popping in. Have a terrific evening and may your polish never bubble.