Manicure of the Moment

Hello gentle readers. Happy Monday! Wheeeee! The best day of the week! *Not!*

Today's manicure is something I wasn't planning on doing. I had decided to paint a neon over the OPI Alpine Snow I was wearing but when I got out of the shower, I noticed a big, honking chip on my right middle finger nail so, I had to change my polish. Oh vell. I can do neon another day.

I was sifting through my untried polishes and came across a polish I received in a Freecycle haul a while back. This is Nicole by OPI in No Limits. An inky cobalt blue jelly. I applied two coats and topped it with Seche Vite. I like this polish. A lot. Sadly, there is no sunshine, today so I wasn't able to show you that it is, indeed blue. It looks nearly black in these photographs. But in person and in the sun (there were a few rays that disappeared before I got a chance to get my camera up and running) it is distinctly blue.

I have been lemming Illamasqua Propaganda for a long time. That deep, cobalt blue jelly had me by the mind and wouldn't let me go. But, I believe that lemming has died. I think, from the photographs I have seen of it, that No Limits is very similar to if not a dupe for Propaganda. And, since my chances of ever laying my hands on Propaganda are slim to none, I can be perfectly content with Nicole by OPI No Limits. :)

Photographs! :D

I wish that the sun had peeked out from the Monsoon clouds so that you could see just how gorge this polish really is. 

No Limits is an intensely pigmented cobalt blue jelly. It is silky and applies nicely. It is easy to control, but it must be applied with plenty of polish on the brush and done fast and smooth. This polish doesn't like to be over worked. If you even try it will streak and it will drag. I applied two coats. The first one was a little streaky and uneven but the second coat made it all opaque and smooth and even. Seche Vite just put the polish (so to speak... har-har) on it. Dry time for this polish is pretty decent. It dries fairly shiny and very squishy. Seche Vite just upped that delicious squish factor. 

A word of warning; this polish is, as I said earlier, intensely pigmented. You need to be very careful about how you apply this stuff. If you get careless and let your cuticles get flooded, it will stain. Instantly. If you look carefully, you will see the stain from where I got careless and allowed this stuff to pool on my middle finger cuticle. This polish isn't anything to be afraid of, you just need to be careful with it, unless you have a hidden desire to look like a Smurf. Speaking of which... I wonder what removal of this polish will be like? 

I think that this polish is still available... If I remember correctly I saw it at my local Target the last time I trolled the Nicole by OPI shelves. You can also check online to see if you can find it. If you like inky jelly polishes, this one might be just your thing. 

What do you think of this polish? Own it? Love it? Did it turn you into a Smurf? Do tell. :D

Thank you so much for popping in. Have a great afternoon and may your polish never bubble.