Manicure of the Moment

Hello gentle readers.

Well. I finally got my latest manicure off my poor nails. Gah! I had to do robo fingers and soak them for a long time to get them clean. The glitter wasn't too much of a problem. It was that polish. Nicole By OPI No Limits. That shit didn't want to let go. I still have stains of blue, here and there. I loved that colour but it just isn't worth the huge pain in the ass it is to remove. I seriously doubt I will ever use it again.

To recover from the horror that was removal of that last polish, I applied Color Club Incognito from their Spring Alter Ego Keep it Under Cover collection. Incognito is a gentle, soft, slightly rosy toned nude jelly. I applied three coats and topped it with Seche Vite.

These photographs were taken outdoors in very cloudy daylight. This time of year, thanks to the Monsoon sunshine is a little hard to come by.

Color Club Incognito has a nice, smooth formula that applied easily and didn't give me all that much trouble. I had little cleanup and it dried quickly and shiny. This polish is a jelly and is a bit sheer. Even after three coats I have some VNL. I could have gotten it opaque with a fourth coat or underwear, but since VNL doesn't really bother me, I just let it be good as is.

It just occurred to me that I tend to swing wildly in my polish colour choices. One day, I will rock something deep and vampy then turn around and wear a soft, pale polish the next. I never know what I am going to wear on my nails. But I am willing to try just about anything. Some work. Some don't. It is always fun to experiment and see what I will like.

So, what'chu think about soft, neutral, nude polishes? Like them? Have no use for them? Do tell.

Thank you so much for popping in. Have a great evening and may your polish never bubble.


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