Pink Wednesday

Hello gentle readers.

Holy cats! It is Wednesday, already. Again. Time's fun when you're having flies.

Today's Pink Wednesday manicure is Sinful Colors Beautiful Girl. A rich, dusty slightly coral-y pink creme. I applied three coats and topped it with Seche Vite.

Piccies! Taken in sun and the last in shade. :)

Sinful Colors Beautiful Girl is a thick, slightly problematic creme. It is streaky as hell on the first coat. Less so on the second and (I thought...) perfectly smooth and opaque on the third. It isn't a crackerjack self leveler and if you try to over work it it will drag and make you life a living little piece of hell. It isn't awful polish but it is a bit temperamental. Addition of the magical Seche Vite was helpful to further smooth this pretty polish down and make it look more well behaved. Dry time is good, even after three coats. Indoors, it looked perfectly smooth and opaque, out in direct sun it was a little streaky. Because it isn't really apparent indoors or at a casual glance it doesn't bother me. But if absolute perfection is important to you, this polish might just drive you crazy. lol

There was a problem with the brush. The wand, where the bristles are gathered is cracked and a hair was sticking up out of it. I clipped it with scissors but the rest of the bristles were beginning to migrate in that direction as I polished, which may have helped to contribute to some of the minor application difficulties. I will need to decant this polish into a bottle with a better brush before I use it, again.

Oh my! Is that a wild hair or are you just happy to see me? 

Sinful Colors Beautiful Girl is part of several collections inhabiting drugstore shelves right now, including Adventure Island and Beverly Hills. It also seems to be part of the core collection. If I remember correctly, I picked it up off the core rack. Sinful Colors confuses and drives me a little crazy with their repromotes of the same shades into different collections. I think that they need to hire some of us polish addict bloggers to help them create new colours and collections with new and different pretties so that there is a little less (okay, a lot less!) cross promotion all over the joint. But that is just my opinion. ;D

Do you own this pretty, if slightly bratty polish? Have you used it? Found it to be a bit of a pain or a pure sweetie? I'd love to hear your impressions. 

Thank you so much for popping in. Have a lovely day and may your polish never bubble.