Review: Boots Botanics Organic Face Smoothing Polish

Hello gentle readers. This morning I have a quick beauty review for you.

This is Boots Botanics Organic Face Smoothing Polish. This is part of Boots Botanics line, a skin care line touted to be largely organic and natural. I have used a couple of products from this line, a cleanser and a day moisture lotion and both were lovely and efficacious for my skin. This polish, while kind of lovely didn't work all that well for me.

Boots Botanics Organic Face Smoothing Polish is a thick, natural brown base with bits of cranberry and cupucau that are supposed to gently exfoliate and polish your skin. This stuff looks and smells very natural and organic. I imagine that this is what Euell Gibbons's breakfast might have smelled like. An Earthy, slightly twiggy, pure scent with a soft waft of honey. Performance was kind of like the smell, in my opinion. This product goes on nicely, spreads easily and you don't need a ton of it to do the job. The base is somewhat sticky, leaving a bit of gummy residue behind that I really had to rub to get rid of. The polishing ingredients didn't really scrub or exfoliate my skin all that well. This product felt very mild and gentle. It didn't irritate my skin or give off fumes that might hurt my very sensitive eyes. My skin felt soft and clean (after I got the residue rubbed and rinsed away) and a little bit smoother. A very little bit. I am accustomed to scrubs and skin polishers with a lot more oomph. This stuff just doesn't have what my skin needs.

Bottom line on this stuff: If you are looking for an over 85% certified organic very gentle skin polish for sensitive or delicate skin that is easy to find and really affordable, Boots Botanics Organic Face Smoothing Polish might just be your cup of tea. It isn't really mine. I will slowly use this up but I won't re purchase it.

Okay, I need to get going. I have a day to start and I need to find the envelope and note I received with my Strawberry Jam Holo so that I can post the recipe on my Franken Fun page. I can't believe I actually misplaced it! What a dim wit I am. *sigh* I don't normally misplace stuff like that. Obviously another symptom of encroaching decrepitude. :p

Thank you for popping in. I'll see you all later. Stay cool, kiddies!