Review: Loreal H.i.P. Studio Secrets Professional Color Truth Cream Eyeliner

 Hello gentle readers. Today I have a little something to say about a makeup product. Specifically, Loreal H.i.P. Studio Secrets Professional Color Truth Cream Eyeliner. Being apparently, easily influenced by reviews, and on the hunt for nice cream/gel liner and quite a fan of Loreal liners and mascaras, I bought two of these at my local CVS. They were BOGO 1/2 so I thought I was getting a pretty swinging deal on some terrific makeup.

Boy, was I ever deluded.

As you can see, I bought black and teal. These liners come in a little glass pot with a plastic lid and a small, angled brush is included, as well. Loreal calls it a professional brush. I call it an instrument of eye torture. The brush is made of plastic "hairs", is small, angled and extremely stiff. And prickly. The handle is so short that for me, with my big old ham-hands it was nearly unusable. I first tried the liner with one of these brushes. My lids rebelled. They formed committees, organized protests and took it to me in the streets. They did not like that brush!

Okay, so. Crappy brush. No shock there, really. I wasn't expecting it to be anything nice. But I was expecting the liner to be nice. For the price, especially high at just shy of thirteen dollars each for a drugstore liner, I was expecting this stuff to perform. Beautifully. Letdown number two served up to me on a big, shiny, highly polished sterling silver platter. Using my liner push brush (the one that recently died *sad*) I got to lining my little peepers.

The product was soft and kind of gushy. The black is intensely pigmented. Unfortunately it also really clumped onto my brush at the lightest touch on the surface, making it necessary for me to clean it off on a tissue before I could go anywhere near my eyes with it. Application was okay. Nothing special. I had to dip into the pot frequently, clean my brush off every time, get a little more on my lids and repeat. That nonsense got kind of old, kind of fast. The liner set quickly and dried fast. The staying power was terrific. I could apply it in the morning and it would still be intact at ten, that night when I would go to wash my face before bed. I loved that these liners didn't transfer off my lash line to my crease or brow bone. A particularly annoying habit of the majority of liners, pencil and mineral I have used.

This liner had the added attraction of not irritating my very sensitive eyes. It worked for tight lining and for over the top lash line. (I don't line below my lower lashes, very often.) I didn't use it specifically on my waterline, but when I tight lined my upper lid and it ended up on my waterline, it stayed in place until I cleaned it away. And it didn't hurt my eyes.

The teal, a very pretty green based teal looked so nice along my upper lash line as a little flash of colour when I blinked. It applied fairly nicely with a fine tip liner brush, tho it was a tad dry and it took multiple passes to get really good colour payoff.

These little annoyances were something I was willing to suffer. Until I went to use them, yesterday. And found that both were rapidly drying out. After less then three full weeks of use! The black was even more clumpy and difficult to deal with, the teal was so dry that when I tried to apply it along my lash line, the liner skipped, left very pale lines and dropped in chunks off my liner brush and fell all over my face. Gah! When I used the teal, I just swirled the brush tip on the surface of the liner, I didn't dig and gouge in, so I didn't have huge amounts on my brush. And it still fell in chunks. What a mess! Nothing like little teal splats on a girl's cheeks to make her feel really pretty.

I have read that after months of use, cream/gel liners can start to dry out. I certainly didn't expect it to happen after not even three weeks of use.

I was so disappointed in this product. I dug out my receipt and took those liners back to CVS, yesterday. I was refunded twenty dollars that I can spend on makeup that works better for me. Makeup I will actually enjoy, won't have to fight with and can use until it is gone.

So for me, Loreal Studio Secrets Professional Color Truth Creme Eyeliner in Black and Teal was a total bust. I will never buy this brand cream liner again. Nor do I recommend it.

****Please remember, this is my review based on my personal experience with this product. Your experience may be different.****

So, anyone know if a good, affordable, preferably available in a drugstore gel liner that works great, gives good payoff, won't irritate the eyes and won't dry out after less then three weeks?