America's Oldest Living False Lash Noob Tells All... A Review

Hello gentle readers.

A while back, I was approached by KKCenterhk  and they asked me if I would like to try and review some of their false lashes.

I gave it a little thought and replied that I would be happy to. They asked me to choose my poison, er, lashes. Uh-oh. How the high holy hell am I supposed to make the right choice. I mean... The first and last time I wore false lashes was back in the '80s. For Hallowe'en. They were Wet-N-Wild party lashes. You know, the stiff, plastic-y ones with an outrageous curl and sparkles. Their biggest attraction for me was the assurance that "No Adhesive Required!" would mean ease of application and they would stay right where I placed them, all night long. Yeah. Right. Getting those blasted things in place was an exercise in terror and they were falling off within two hours.

So needless to say, I felt ill equipped to choose lashes for review. But choose I did. I decided that these would be a good choice. I guess the word luxuriant sucked me in. That and the fact that I figured that if I was going to go fake, I was going to go all the way. And... I couldn't tell just how long those lashes were by the photograph.

They are long.

As I discovered when the little package from Hong Kong landed on my doorstep, some fourteen days or so, later. The lashes come in a long, flat box with eyelid shaped plastic sections that hold the lashes. The lashes are very soft and, from the feel and the glossy, "doll hair" like shine, I assume that they are synthetic. I can't find content information on the website. It is probably there, somewhere and I just missed it.

I let them sit, unused for a few weeks. I kept forgetting to pick up lash glue. And I was a little afraid of them. Then, when I remembered to look for it, I had the toughest time finding the brand of lash glue I wanted. I finally found it at CVS, yesterday. And so, with my lash glue finally obtained, I felt it was time to stick those suckers on and get to reviewing.

Remember how I said that I am the oldest living American false lash noob? I wasn't kidding, here. In preparation for this night, I had watched a few lash application videos on YouTube and felt that I was well enough informed to try it. Ah... Ignorance. It truly is bliss!

Did you know that gluing on lashes is a lot harder than it looks on YouTube? I mean, those broads have had a lot of practice. They make it look soooo easy. I am going to hunt down each and every one of them and punch them in the boob.

But first, I need to finish this review. The lashes themselves were a bit too long for my eyes, I needed to trim off about a quarter of an inch from the end of each lash. Then I proceeded to dive into the glue and get my glamazon on.

Did you now that lash glue is sticky?

Really sticky?

Yeah. I guess that the word "glue" should have tipped me off.

Glue, in the hands of someone like me? Not a happy thought, my friends. It is probably a minor miracle that I didn't glue my eyes closed and stick my lashes to my forehead.

After several attempts, I finally got them on. After a fashion. They felt really, really weird, at first. But my little peepers adjusted to their presence fairly quickly and by the time I finished firing off a few photographs, they didn't bug me in the least. Let me just say right now, this exercise was performed at the end of a very long, hot day and my makeup was pretty trashed by that point. And yes... I now know that my liner was thicker on one eye than the other. Not something I was aware of until I saw the close up photograph. I am trying to get the hang of gel liner. And winging it a little. Never mind. Another story...

Here are photographs. Taken indoors after dark with flash.

 The lashes, all snug in their little box. They look as if they are sleeping. 

These are A-166, and ten pair are $12.50 USD.

These are all both eyes pictures because single eye pictures freak me out. lol

 My natural lashes, with two coats of mascara. And my asymmetrical liner. *sigh* (And yes, I raise my brows a bit, for eyes closed pics, it smooths my lids out a bit. Getting old is hell, hell I tell ya! lol)

After lash application. These things are redonkulous! Look how long they are! Obviously, they didn't adhere properly at the corner of one eye and I managed to get them stuck on in the wrong spot, too far out... Should have brought the inner part in closer to the inner corner of my eyes. Practice will help. (Not blaming the lashes, here. Totally my own fault.)

I am going to keep playing with these. After I give them a good haircut! I figure trimming them a good bit shorter should make them look a little more realistic, giving me more thickness and length without the "Wow! Those are some fake lashes you have there!" factor. I think it might be nice to try trimming them to half, to just wing out the outer corners of my lashes, too. With ten pair, I certainly have plenty to play with. :D

As a lash noob, I don't have any experience with other lashes (save the party lashes circa 1987) so I can't comment intelligently on the quality of these. But, from the other lashes I have seen in stores and so forth, they all seem to be about the same. So I would venture to guess, from the feel of these lashes and the fact that they are soft and silky and the band is very flexible, that they are of nice quality. I can see getting repeated uses out of each pair, making them economical, as well. 

KKCenterhk seems to be nice to deal with. Granted, these lashes were sent to me free of charge so I didn't have to go through their purchase procedure but I imagine it is pretty standard. Shipping time from Hong Kong to my home in Arizona was about fourteen days. Not too shabby. 

It is worth shipping lashes from Hong Kong to the U.S.? Depends. If you are a makeup artist or a performer and go through a lot of lashes, or you are an individual who loves to try a lot of different styles and lengths of lashes, their wide selection and good prices and reasonable transit time might be just what you need. If you are someone who just buys a pair or three at a time, you would probably be better off buying them in a local retail store. 

So, what say you, gentle readers? Do you wear lashes? Often? On occasion? Have you tried KKCenterhk? Thank that you might?

Thank you for reading this. If you got through it all, I am impressed. Truly. I do tend to run on. Succinct. I am doing it wrong. 

Thank you for popping and I will talk to you, soon.