And They Have Rounded the Final Turn and are Headed Down the Home Stretch!

Hello gentle readers. The horserace that is my colour series poll is just about over there are just about... 17? I think? hours left to vote to tell me what you would like to see, first.

I think it is safe to call glitter the winner of this one. Glitter started out strong, then was overtaken by purple for a while, but then glitter surged back into the lead. I will finish picking out the glitter polishes I want to feature.

If you haven't voted, you still have a little time left to do so. Who knows... If enough votes come in, the entire thing could be shaken up and I could be scrambling to make a new plan! lol

Okay, nighty-night time. I am tired and ready for sleep.


  1. I already did the poll a while back and glitter was my pick! Looking forward to your glitter posts!

  2. They will be starting, soon. :D


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