Comparison: Orly Luxe and Finger Paints Key to My Art

Hello gentle readers. I am not in the mood to do anything with my nails, today and since my polish is in good shape, it isn't necessary. I know... Lazy slag. lol I am just chilling, today and being a sloth.

But I still wanted to get a post up, so I dug into some of my pictures and notes and decided to post a comparison I photographed, last month. These two polishes are Orly Luxe and Finger Paints Key to My Art. Both are gold foil type polishes. They are very similar but these two polishes are far from identical.


In sun. Orly Luxe is on my index and ring nails Finger Paints Key to My Art is on my middle and pinkie nails. 
Both swatches are two coats over base coat, no top coat.

Orly Luxe is a warmer, more yellow gold. It has more sparkle and looks more like a foil. Finger Paints Key to My Art is smoother, less "foil like". It is a glowing, clear gold, less yellow. It isn't as sparkly as Orly Luxe.

In shade. It is easier to see the difference in tone and texture, I think. 

Both of these polishes are so pretty. They apply easily and smoothly. They don't catch, streak or drag. They are easy to control, flowing off their brush and on to the nail and lay right down where they are placed. Dry time on both is really fast. I haven't worn either for a full manicure, yet so I can't attest to lasting power but I suspect, due to the nature of these polishes, they aren't terribly long lived. 

If you are looking for a pretty yellow gold polish, you could do a lot worse than either of these beauties. Both are, as far as I know still widely available. I purchased both of these from my local Sally Beauty Supply. They are both part of their respective brands' core collections. 

Okay, so what say you? Do you own either of these polishes? Both? Love them? Please share. :)

Thank you so much for popping in. Have a great rest of your day and may your polish never bubble.