Glitter Wins by a Length!

Hello gentle readers.

My poll has expired and my first Colour Series is officially glitter. Yay!! I have chosen seven glitter polishes to feature, tho I might... Might change my mind on one of them... I tried to select glitters that I either haven't featured in a Manicure of the Moment post or haven't shown for a good, long while.

Colour Series Week will begin on Thursday, September First. I thought about waiting until next Monday and running a proper week, but I can't wait that long, so a Thursday start date it is. :D

Time to put up my poll for October. I wonder what I should offer... I think I will put green, purple and orange, three Hallowe'en-y colours in October's Colour Series poll.

Thank you so much for voting. I really enjoy interacting with my readers and getting your input about what you would like to see and I hope that you enjoy my glitter colour series.

Okay, I need to take my dog out, so I will see you all tomorrow for Pink Wednesday. :D


  1. Looking forward to finding some new lemmings!

  2. Yaaaaaaaaaaay glitter! If possible, it would be cool if you did one post with links to reviews you've done of other glitter polishes too. Thanks!


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