Glitter Wins by a Length!

Hello gentle readers.

My poll has expired and my first Colour Series is officially glitter. Yay!! I have chosen seven glitter polishes to feature, tho I might... Might change my mind on one of them... I tried to select glitters that I either haven't featured in a Manicure of the Moment post or haven't shown for a good, long while.

Colour Series Week will begin on Thursday, September First. I thought about waiting until next Monday and running a proper week, but I can't wait that long, so a Thursday start date it is. :D

Time to put up my poll for October. I wonder what I should offer... I think I will put green, purple and orange, three Hallowe'en-y colours in October's Colour Series poll.

Thank you so much for voting. I really enjoy interacting with my readers and getting your input about what you would like to see and I hope that you enjoy my glitter colour series.

Okay, I need to take my dog out, so I will see you all tomorrow for Pink Wednesday. :D