Interim Design

Yeah... I know. My blog looks a bit... Scroddy. I am not sure what I want to do with it, right now and I was over my last look so... Here it sits. Pink explosion all over the place and corny text and all.



Oh, I found two pretty new Sally Hansen foil polishes at Walgreen's today. A goldy one and a green one. They are puhretty. And I also grabbed the teal glitter from the same display. If the gold one is still there come Friday, it will be mine, as well. :D I was supposed to buy a new tube of brow gel and lash glue (I have lashes to review...) but I ended up buying polishes, instead. The lashes can wait until Friday. They have been waiting this long. And, my brow gel, tho kinda skanky with brow powder is still doing the job. It will do until Friday, as well.

I blame Nicole. She was tweeting about those polishes and I had to go in and get them. Today. Even tho I had no business buying more polish this week. It is all her fault. She is such an evil enabler. lol

Okay, time for me to run along.