Manicure of the Moment

Hello gentle readers. Is it hotter than the devil's ass crack in your neck of the woods? "Cause it sure is, here. Blech! Summer is a bitch, this year. I am going to be sooo happy when Autumn rolls around.

Okay, 'nuff pissing and moaning about the weather. Time to show you my pretty, pretty polish. :D I decided to wear Orly Royal Navy, today. I have had this polish floating around in my untried polishes box for... How long now? I can't remember. I know it has been a long time. Why the heck did I wait so long to wear this beautiful polish? Why did I leave it to languish, unworn in a dark box?

Perhaps because I kept thinking that because the bulk of the shimmer falls to the bottom of the bottle that it wouldn't be as pretty on me as I have seen it in photographs? No perhaps about it. That is what I was afraid of. I would take it out, shake the bejabbers out of it then leave it to settle for a bit. The shimmer would pool to the bottom and I would think I didn't feel like dealing and toss it back in my untried polishes box. Today, that all ended. I pulled it out and shook it like I meant it, then left it to settle for about a half hour or so while I took off my old polish, cleaned the clear coat off of some hair sticks and so forth.

I applied two coats of Orly Royal Navy and it went on smooth. No bubbles. Plenty of yummeh shimmah. I no longer need fear this polish. I topped it with Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat. I read nice things about that top coat in a few blogs and decided to pick up a bottle and give it a whirl. I'll have a full review after I give it a thorough test drive.

Photographic evidence of the awesome that is Orly Royal Navy. My piece of shit old camera is up to it's old "I'm going to wash out her polish!" tricks, again. This polish is cobalt blue. Gah! Stupid camera!

 In sun. Check the amazing shimmer! It is medium blue and it scintillates in the sun. 

 VNL. It shows in photographs but I don't see it in person. 

Check it in the shade. Still washed out. *sigh* But oh-so-squish-a-licious!

Orly Royal Navy is a cobalt blue jelly packed with medium blue shimmer that fires and dances in the sun. It is translucent and squishy but intensely pigmented enough to be opaque in two coats. There is a little VNL when the light comes in behind my nails. But I don't mind VNL. If it drives you buggy, a third coat would make it go bye-bye. 

This polish is very thin. But it doesn't run or pool, unless one is careless about application. It tightened up a little as I did my manicure, making it even easier to handle. Dry time is pretty fast, it dries satin and needs a good top coat to be shiny. This polish smells sharp and very "chemically". More so than most 3Free polishes available, now. The intense pigmentation means that if you leave this on your cuticle, should you flood it, it will stain. Fast. I do cleanup as I paint each nail, so that isn't a big problem for me. Just know that you need to get to it, fast if you do a boo-boo. :)

If you like blue. If you like jelly. If you like shimmer. You will love Orly Royal Navy. I sure do. 

Okay, this is a loooong entry. If you read the whole thing, you deserve a treat and I wish that I could give you a cookie. lol Thank you so much for popping in. Stay cool and may your polish never bubble.