Manicure of the Moment

Hello gentle readers.

Sorry about going MIA here and on the Twitter, yesterday. I had a Cat 5 blow in my brain, yesterday and all I wanted to do was hide in my dark house with all of the blinds drawn and feel very sorry for myself. My head is down to about a 3, today. Yay! Mama can function, again. lol Stupid migraines. I have learned how to get through the day pretty well with a pounding head, I have done it all of my life but every now and then I get one that will put even me down. Yesterday was one of those.

Yes, I grade my headaches on the Saffir-Simpson Scale. What of it? :P

Okay, so I woke up and decided to do my nails, right away. I didn't even have coffee, first. I know... Weird, right? Me, not having coffee before taking my first morning breaths? Perish the thought! A funny thing... Painting my nails before coffee makes for easier application, smoother gap curves and less cleanup. Who knew? lol

I chose to apply Sinful Colors Oh La La. (Shouldn't that be Oooh La La?) Anywhoozle, it is a pretty orange based coral crelly. Smooth and creamy, but juicy, too. Kind of like cantaloupe. Mmm... Cantaloupe... *drool* Where was I? Oh, yeah. Nails. Polish. Coral. Cantaloupe. I applied two coats and topped it with Seche Vite. I should have done three coats but I didn't realize it until I got it out in the sun. Oh well. It isn't too obvious and I will probably take this off tomorrow, anyway so... No biggie.

Sinful Colors Oh La La is a lovely, smooth, silky crelly. It is thin, but not runny tho it will kind of drip off the brush, so I had to watch my Ps and Qs cleaning off the excess. This polish flows smoothly off the brush and sits it's self right down where it is placed and doesn't budge. It stays easy to work for a while and it self levels like a dream. In fact, this shit can morph! I messed up the corner of a thumbnail and after I wet a finger and smoothed it as best I could, I applied a little polish to cover the damage. I thought that I would have to paint the entire nail to make it all blend, but not so. Within a moment, the repaired area was as smooth and perfect as the original finish. It was smooth and absolutely invisible.

Colour me impressed.

Dry time for this polish is decent. It doesn't dry super fast but it won't keep you sitting around, twiddling your thumbs all day waiting for it, either. Happy, I am with this polish. The colour is perfect for late Summer. Warm, juicy and bright but not neon. (Not knocking neon, here... I likes me some neon! :D) This is a polish I could see at the beach or at the office.

I have to say, I am loving these crelly polishes Sinful Colors is putting out. I have liked this brand from my first bottle and I rarely ever encounter a dud. My only complaint is the re promoting of the same colours into different collections. That nonsense gets a little old, really fast. And, I am super duper ticked that I never found the Adventure Island collection in my area. Not Sinful's fault, my local Walgreen's didn't order it. But yeah... This brand of polish is terrific and I am looking forward to new colours. They seem to release them after a big sale and since Walgreen's just did a big sale, maybe new shades are on the way?!?!

What do you think of Sinful Colors? Are you a fan? Not so much? Please share.

Okay, I need another cup of java, my brekkie and I have to re photograph the nail polish jewelry that was sent to me for a review. The photos I took the other day were crap and I was out of commission, yesterday so I need to get that done, and my review, today.

Thank you so much for popping in. Have a terrific day and may your polish never bubble.


  1. Lovely color! I wish that I would have seen this color this wk w/the wags .99 cent sale!

  2. I want this colour. It looks awesome on your nails!

  3. This is awesome! I love coral. I don't think Walgreens ever got the Adventure Island collex, it was a Rite Aid exclusive. I was lucky enough to be out of town and had access to a Rite Aid so I saw it in person! I really miss Rite Aid.

  4. Ahhh I HAVE this one you can't taunt me! I probably love Sinful Colors as much as you do, they're so much fun, and that crelly formula is to die for. It's my favorite.

  5. I never found the Adventure Island collection at my Walgreen's, either. I only ever saw an AI display at Rite Aid - maybe you could check there? :D

  6. I love Sinful, they are really good for how cheap they are. And there are a lot of colors. By the way, I just cut up a whole cantaloupe and surprisingly none of my room mates like it.

  7. I think I have more Sinful polishes than any other brand. XD I'm always a little sad during their sales, because unless there are new collections there aren't anymore colors I want.

    I wish I had this one though. ;_; Was it from the Beverly Hills or whatever it was called display? I remember a coral in there that I passed on and when I went back for it it was gone.


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