Manicure of the Moment

Hello gentle readers. How's your Tuesday treating you? Mine? Eh... Okay, I suppose. It is another scorcher, today. I already have my windows and blinds closed tight and my air conditioning humming. Summer took it's time really getting going here, this year but it is making up for that, now. I just hope that the heat doesn't linger longer than it is supposed to. It is almost September and that is when I expect it to start cooling off. Yes, I do.

Okay, so... Today's mani is Revlon Carbonite. I originally fell hard in love with Chanel Graphite. But, with my stinky old budget and the fact that that polish is, apparently hard to get hold of, I knew that I would not ever have the chance to own it. I was sad. Until Revlon released their version. Yay!

Revlon Carbonite is kinda badass. This dark silver grey shimmer has a green-gold duochrome shift (which, unfortunately doesn't show in my photographs) that elevates it from being just another silver grey shimmer. (Not that there is anything wrong with silver grey shimmer! I happen to like them, just fine. :D) The only thing missing is the spark of tiny gold glitter that you get in Chanel Graphite. I am wondering... Hmmm... I think I need to pick up another bottle of this and do a little experimenting.

Anywhoozle. This polish. I applied two coats, it was almost, almost a one coat wonder. Just missed it by this much. I topped this manicure with Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat. (Which is scheduled for review, very soon.) I now have a minicure I am very happy with.

I was trying to think of Han Solo and carbonite (yes, spell checker, carbonite is so a word!) jokes but I am lame brained, this fine day, so you are spared. Aren't you glad? :P

Okay, on to the important part of this post... The photographs. All are, as ever, clickable for bigamousness. (I think I stole that word from someone... Glitta Gloves, maybe?)

I am still feeling out the best way to watermark my photos and I see that the Blogger Fairies have been playing with the photo uploader, again. A week just isn't a week without Blogger Fairies playing around with the works. :P

Revlon Carbonite is, as I said earlier, kinda badass. Hardcore, metallic with a great, subtle green-gold duochrome shift but it behaves like a perfect lady. The formula is thick, but not gloopy and it glides on and spreads perfectly, sitting down where it is placed without pooling, running, streaking or dragging. I had little, very little cleanup and that was my own careless fault and fussbudget refining. Dry time is really fast, made even faster with a quick dry top coat.

I really, really, really wanted Chanel Graphite but I think that I can be quite content with Revlon Carbonite. I like this polish a lot and I think it is going to get plenty of play in my rotation.

Do you have this polish? Do you have both Carbonite and Graphite? Love one or both?

Thank you so much for popping in and spending a little time with me. Have a terrific day and may your polish never bubble.


  1. Because I have very little self control, I have both Graphite and Carbonite. :) I think Revlon's been doing a great job with the Chanel tributes & hope they keep them coming!

  2. Yep. It's hot here, too, and I'm tired of it! I am so OVER summer, it's not even funny. Anyway, this is such a great color. Different than your typical metallic. I won this from a giveaway but have yet to use it. Maybe I'll use it for my next mani?

  3. Karen, that is a form of no self control I can respect. lol :D

  4. Megan, you totally should. It would look smashing on you. :)

    This heat is about to drive me right over the edge. It would be nice if we got a little rain to cool it down, but all we get is heat, humidity and clouds. An occasional sprinkle. Storm tease!

  5. I think I'm over Carbonite and then you go and take these awesome pics of it. Ugh. I need it now!

  6. Heh heh! I love being an enabler. ^^

  7. I've got to get this polish. It's a great color, and I'm a big sci-fi nerd, so the name alone would really be enough.


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