Pink Wednesday

Hello gentle readers. Happy Pink Wednesday.

Today I have a bright, sparkly, neon pink in the form of Color Club Ultra Astral from their Spring Starry Temptress collection. This is an interesting polish. It is a creme, highly pigmented and very opaque for a neon. It is packed with glitter that isn't traditionally sparkly. This collection comes with a sparkly fine glitter top coat which I applied to my accent nails for a little different look. I topped this manicure with two coats of Seche Vite.

Taken indoors. You can see the difference between the polish, alone and the ring finger nail topped with Starry Temptress. This photo is also a little more colour accurate. My camera washed out the pin in the sun.

In sun. There is little difference as the sun really fires this glitter and makes it glow madly.

I am so sorry about the blurry photographs. My camera wasn't in the mood to behave and focus, today. Little brat. :S

Ultra Astral is a highly pigmented neon creme. It is a little thick and it got gloopy as I worked with it. I'll probably thin it before I use it, again. The glitter likes to build up in the brush and that caused me a little trouble with neat application a time or two. But overall this polish applied pretty nicely. It doesn't run or streak or drag and I didn't have a lot of cleanup since it sits down where it is placed. Dry time is fast and this polish dries matte. Top coat is needed to make it shiny. In fact, I needed two coats of Seche Vite and honestly, the surface of my nails is still a little textured. But this is just nit-picking and won't stop me from enjoying this colour and the rest of this pretty collection.

Starry Temptress top coat is a standard small multi coloured square glitter suspended in a thick, clear base. It goes on very nicely and the glitter is bright and sparkly. This looks a lot like Sally Hansen Disco Ball. And, if I remember correctly, I have an E.L.F. glitter that is also similar. Hmmm... Methinks another comparison post is in order, soon. I'll try to remember to do that. :D

Okay, so... What do you think of Ultra Astral and her Starry sister? This collection is available at various e-tailers and the Color Club website, if I remember correctly. I found mine at my local Ross, so check your local discount stores like Ross, Marshall's, TJMaxx, Beall's Outlet and so forth.

Thank you so much for popping in. Have a great rest of your day, stay cool, my friends and may your polish never bubble.


  1. Pretty! The glitter in this collection is interesting. I heard it's supposed to be holo but it doesn't really work, so instead it's just kind of like a whole different finish. It's quite intriguing!

  2. To me this is probably my favorite of all of these, Color Club makes some stunning neons though! I love the glitter in this as well. HOT!

  3. Love this pink it looks so beautiful in the sun! I've been searching my Ross weekly for this collection but haven't found it yet :-(

  4. super bright.. saw that color on the color club area but i want decided yet about what to get. i think this post made up my mind.. thankyousoooomuch:D


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