Review: Unique and Beautiful Nail Polish Jewelry by Workshop 760

Hello gentle readers.

I was recently contacted by Cara at Workshop 760, an Etsy store that sells handmade nail polish jewelry. The jewels and necklaces are handmade by Cara. She offers a variety of shapes, sizes and polish colours. She will also custom make a creation for her customers. Prices of currently available pieces range from $22.00 to $55.00 (U.S.). Shipping is reasonable at $3.00 plus $0.75 for each additional item.

Cara asked me if I would like to try and review her jewelry. I took a look at her Etsy page, perused her offerings and read her profile. Which I am going to quote for you, here:

"I am constantly inspired by different mediums, and over the past few years nail polish has grabbed my attention. I paint my nails a new color almost every night. Some of the nail polishes available on the market now are truly breathtaking. I wanted to try to capture their beauty in a way that was a bit more permanent than just painting it on my fingertips. So I experimented and played around until I found a process that did just that. These are not just painted pieces of glass or acrylic! These are made by encasing the nail polish inside resin gems. Each piece is unique and I have hand polished each stone to a mirror shine. I use the highest quality nail polish available and each necklace that comes with the pendant is handmade by me, not ordered in bulk from Asia. These necklaces are truly unique and will last a long time if properly cared for."

I took Cara up on her offer and she sent me two of her pieces. They arrived securely packed wrapped in pretty purple tissue paper tucked all cozy and nice in a mailing envelope. Under the tissue was a little silver box accented with a tag and a splash of silver ribbon containing a large heart shaped piece suspended on a hand strung black bead necklace. A little silver mesh bag covered with silver stars contained a smaller, round jewel on a silver bead necklace. 

I was delighted by the pretty packaging and the jewelry inside. I also loved the tags with the butterfly on them. (I kind of have a thing for butterflies... :))  I do have a little sad, however. But I'll get to that, later. Let's look at photographs, first, shall we? Fair warning, there are a ton of them! lol

The pieces, as they arrived on my doorstep, in their pretty, silver packaging.

The large heart shaped jewel is suspended on a hand strung black bead necklace with a silver or silver plate toggle clasp. The small, round jewel is suspended on a hand strung silver or silver plate bead necklace with a silver or silver plate toggle clasp.

The small, round jewel. The polish is Petites Utopia, a duochrome green glitter.

The large, heart shaped jewel is made with a mix of Sally Hansen HD Byte and HD Laser. A glowing, sparkling duochrome mix that shifts blue and purple.

Oooo! See how blue! 

And purple! 

Aquamarine and sea green packed with bright, sparkling glitter. 

A little darker, deeper at this angle.

A close up of the sparkle.

Another look at all three. I wish that I had those polishes so that I could have swatched the polishes while showing the pieces. :D

The quality of these pieces is very nice. I appreciate the work it takes to make these pieces by hand and hand string all of the necklaces and mount all of the findings. That is a lot of work. I also appreciate that the necklaces are a length that will work very nicely for people with various neck sizes. I don't have a tiny little neck (it's smaller than it used to be, but needs to get smaller, still... lol) and I had a gracious plenty of room and the pendants hang at the right spot on me. However, I feel that those with slimmer necks will find the length of the necklaces to be about perfect for them, too. :)

All in all I like this jewelry very much. It is pretty, nicely made and, in my opinion, worth the asking price. 

However, I do have a sad. You see, I have this screwy body chemistry that doesn't allow me to wear silver. If I put it on, my skin tingles, then starts itching and burning and then turns not so attractive colours. (Yes, I know for a fact that my reaction is to silver. :)) When I tried on these pieces to wear them to see how they fit, felt and held up, my skin rebelled, telling me that the silver bits are at least silver plate. *sigh* Rats! And double rats! I am unable to wear the pieces as they are made. But, I love the jewels and have decided that I am going to get me down to a craft store, one day and pick up beads and findings that my skin can tolerate and fashion myself a couple of custom pieces. 

Okay, so what think you, gentle readers? Like what you see? If so, please do visit Workshop 760.

Thank you so much for popping in. Have yourselves a fantastic evening.

The products in this post were sent to me free of charge by the company for a fair and honest review.