Layering and Junk

Hi everyone! Pure Ice Busted here. I am like, doing this entry 'cause Ice Queen has a migraine and she is not in the mood to post. She kinda said I could do this, but, like, she isn't sure if I can handle the job. I think that I can. She said to keep it simple, so, yeah... I'll do that.


You see, Ice Queen didn't feel like changing her polish, today and won't be able to for a few days. She was kinda squeegeeing water off after her shower with her hand and she like,  flung it to the side and caught a hard blow against the underside on the tub filler and, like, cut her right ring finger... you know... The one next to her bird finger? up near the cuticle. So, she doesn't want to, like, use remover or acetone for a few days? So, she decided to layer junk on the polish she was already wearing, instead.

I think that she shoulda just, like, sucked it up and used the remover, but she is, like, gonna do what she is gonna do. So, she grabbed me out of the box (I think it really, really sucks that I have to live in a box. When is she gonna buy us polishes a better crib?) and painted two coats over her Orly... What was that shit called, again?

Mineral FX Rock-It. And watch your mouth.

Yeah... Rock-It. I am a light purple jelly and I am, like, all full of mini duochrome flakies. I kinda rule, and on top of Rock-It I really shine and shift. I changed it from, like, this sorta raspberry colour to, like purple purple, with a strong red tone. And my flakies, like, make everything shift gold to green to purple. Yeah. I rule. I was easy to apply and I dried in pretty nice time. Too bad she had to smother me with a coat of that Seche Vite shit.

Busted! Aw... Screw it! I am not in the mood to fuss at you, right now. 

Okay... So... I'm s'posed to, like, show you all photographs and junk... They were taken under the OttLight, outside in the sun and in the shade and a couple were taken in the house, 'cause I shifted gold and was all pretty and junk. Too bad the old bat's hands are so all shaky 'cause those pics are kinda blurry.


You should totally click on these pics 'cause I am, like, so totally awesome.

 Like, under the lamp... I don't get why she needs to do this, but it does, like, show me off. So I guess it's okay.

 Out in the sunshine. I am so bright you , like, need shades!

 Later this afternoon. You can, like, see my shifting-ness and the different colours from my flakies and junk.

 Again in the shade to show how my flakies can be, like, all rose gold. 

Inside, where there was a little sun peeking in through her, like, piece of shit blinds. She had the blinds all shut, 'cause she said her head was too bad to stand the sunshine. It, like, must be... Bad and junk... 'cause she, like, keeps making weird typos and junk and having to go back and re type shit. She calls it typing in Martain. Like, it would be so totally cool to go to Mars and see Martains and be all, like, "Take me to your Leader", and junk. I would totally be the Captain of the space ship and...

Busted, please stay on task. The glare from my monitor is making my brain vibrate and my eyes throb.

Okay... So, anyway, there you have it. I am so cool and if you don't have me, you should, like, totally get your ass to WalMart or wherever Pure Ice polishes are sold in your area and pick up a bottle of me. You would love me sooo much! 



Thank you for popping in and putting up with this. Really. You are all sooo cool! Have a great night, all and may your polish never bubble. <333

How come you, like, say that shit every time?

Just shut up and click the Publish Post button, will you, please? Geeze!

How to Build a Lightbox... Cheap! :D

Hello gentle readers. It is Pink Wednesday but my Orly Rock-It mani is still perfect and I am enjoying it too much to remove it. So, no Pink Wednesday post, this week. :)

Instead, I am going to yap about how to make a lightbox. This is an easy and very inexpensive project. In fact, mine cost less than ten dollars to construct. And that was because I had to buy a roll of white craft paper and packing tape. If you already have everything you need lying around, this will cost you nothing. If you need to buy scissors or a knife, it will cost a bit more. But, mine was... Seven dollars or so, out the door.

You will need:

A cardboard box. About... 15"-ish on a side... This can vary according to what you have on hand and what you need. This is a custom project, so do what will work best for you.

A roll of white craft paper. It must be white if you want it to bounce light and provide a crisp, clean background for your photographs. I bought mine at my local JoAnne for about four or five clams. There is a ton of paper on the roll, I have plenty to re line my box when the interior gets dusty or torn or for other projects.

A roll of clear packing tape.

Scotch tape.


A box knife or a sharp paring knife.

A marker, Sharpie, pen, pencil. Hell, you could use a crayon, if that is all you have on hand. lol

A ruler or something with a straight edge. I just ripped the plastic cover off of a notebook. It did the job. *smirk*

Okay, before we begin, I constructed this flying by the seat of my pants, so it was a bit disjointed, but the process does work. I have an idea for improving my own lightbox and plan to do it, soon. And, well... Just read on. :)

Some of the stuff I used.

I started off by removing all of the flaps. Turns out, I should have left one attached. I ended up reattaching it, later. So, leave a flap behind, so that you have a little platform off the front of your lightbox. I like my platform and find it very useful.

 Removing the flaps. I started out using my bread knife. I soon switched to my paring knife. And yes, I moved my CDs in this box, almost three years ago. :D

 Flaps off. Remember to leave one, at what will be the floor of your lightbox. ;)

 Time to cut the "windows" in the box. I used my notebook cover and Sharpie to mark lines about an inch-inch and a half in from the edges and corners. (Ignore that light off to the side. It didn't work and was returned.) Now, I am not really concerned with absolute precision so I didn't really measure anything. I eyeballed stuff and just went for it. If you are a precise type, tho feel free to get your anal on. (Okay, that sounded really, really wrong, didn't it? :P)

 Click to enlarge to see how I marked the lines. 

 Start cutting along the lines to cut out the windows. I found, as I cut through a sticker on the box that my knife slid through the cardboard more easily. So, I put packing tape over all of the lines I drew and it made it seriously easy to make the rest of the cuts. Trust me, unless you have a screaming, razor sharp box cutter you might want to take a few minutes to tape your lines. Taping the lines also made the cardboard stronger so that it didn't tear or fall apart. 

 Windows on three sides of the box all cut out. I suppose I could have skipped this step, but I thought that I would be lighting this from the outside. (That didn't work.) But I still like that the windows are there. For some reason, I think that it makes the light look prettier, somehow. I don't know. Maybe I am out of my gourd. heh heh. 

 Use packing tape to "seal" all of the edges on the box. This will not only make everything smooth and nice, the extra tape stiffens and strengthens the structure a bit. It is far less likely to tear or collapse after being all  taped up. 

 Get out your paper and wrap your lightbox like the gift it will be to you. Wrap it as tight as you can without tearing the paper or collapsing the box. An extra set of hands would come in handy, here but I did it alone. I taped it up in the back. In fact, the back of mine? Not too terribly pretty. But I don't care. No one sees it. 

 Now line the inside of your box. Here is where I could do a little refining. And will, in fact do so. The seams at the inner corners show in some of my photographs and don't make me happy, so I need to fix it.

 Wrapped, from the side.

 Insert a piece of paper that starts at the top and runs down the back out to the front. Leave a smooth curve at the back bottom of the box so that you have a smooth, white field with no seam or fold visible. 

My completed lightbox:

 This is after I realized that I wanted my lightbox to have a front porch. I just used a long piece of cardboard, about a foot or so long and a few inches wide and attached the strip to the underside of the box with packing tape, then taped it to the flap off the front also with packing tape. Then ran the paper out over and wrapped it under and taped it. You could use a strip and packing tape to reinforce your front porch, if you decide to have one.  (Did that make a damned bit of sense? lol) 

I have too many layers of paper in there and I need to tear them out and fix that, as it makes some of my bottles stand not perfectly straight. Told you I need to do a little refining. You will do it much better. :D

My lightbox in action. The lamp is an OttLight that I bought at JoAnne. It wasn't the exact style I wanted but it was the least expensive one in stock. And, since money was tighttighttight when I bought it, I got the one that was most affordable. Mine was 40% off and cost me $35.00. And, while I am not crazy about how it looks, it works like a charm! And that is what most matters, in the long run. :D 

I was photographing some new China Glaze polishes for a haul post, in this photo. I like to get my room as dark as I can, all incandescent lights off! of course, to avoid yellow light leaking in and spoiling things. See how white and clean the light is? I love it. 

It is easy to use my lightbox to photograph products and my swatches. It lives in my closet in a corner on top of a big storage container where it is safe, when it is not in use. It is light as a feather and easy to move around, is big enough to do the job, but not so big that it is hard to find a place to set it up for use. I use the top of my five drawer chest for this purpose. It is the perfect height and size. 

My next acquisition needs to be a tripod. or two. Maybe a short one and a tall one... They aren't terribly expensive and I think that having one (or both... I am a greedy biotch!) would make getting the clearest, sharpest photographs much easier. Right now, I am holding my camera in my hand and the amount of shake I can get means that my photos aren't as sharp as I would like them and need them to be. A tall one would be nice for landscapes, too... 

Oh! As of publishing this post, JoAnne has OttLights on sale for 60% off! So, if you are lusting after an OttLight, now might be the perfect time to snap one up. Here is a link to their site. You should be able to get the same deal in your local JoAnne store, too. 

Okay, so I hope that this is helpful. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to leave a comment and I will do the best I can to answer it or help in any way I can. 

How Much Pretty Can You Get For $3.25?

A lot.

Hello gentle readers. How's life treating you? My Fallergies are driving me in. sane. And there was/is a fire nearby that filled the air with smoke, making me even more miserable. Gah!

Thank goodness I have pretty nails to compensate for my misery. Today I am wearing Orly Mineral FX in Rock-It. This is the polish I scored at Sally's for $3.25 the other day. And it sure is gorgeous. It is a raspberry jelly packed with shimmer. Some black for depth, magenta, raspberry, gold. This polish shifts and changes, depending on the light and angle in which it is viewed. I applied two coats and topped it with Seche Vite.

Buckle up, kids. There are lots of pictures, ahead. And yes, I know that some hate to hear the whole "This looks better in person than in my photographs" thing. But this is definitely the case with this polish. I wish that my photographs could do this lovely stuff true justice but I just don't have the super fabulous camera and skills required, so I just do the best I can with what I have. :)

Please forgive my cuticles. They are pretty much dog meat, right now. Why, I don't know. I soaked them in oil and cuticle butter before I shot this manicure so I hope that they aren't too offensive. Guess they just need some extra attention, right now. You know what? I think it was all of the alcohol I was splashing around in the other day when I did my palette project. Yepper... I think that was the culprit.

Anywhoozle, here are the photos. They are clickable for bigness, if you so desire. :)




I boosted the saturation and sharpness in these, to try to show some of the richness and depth and complexity present in this polish. 

Orly Rock-It has an oddly thin-thick formula. It feels thin and I had some trouble with it, especially on the first coat. It kept trying to run and flood my cuticles. I really had to hustle and use my cleanup brush. More than I really like. As I started the second coat, the polish tightened up a little and it was much, much easier to control. I had little cleanup on the second coat. Dry time is really good with this polish. It is a top coat muncher. I can feel a slight texture on the surface of my nails and I could use a second coat of Seche Vite. I may go ahead and apply that, in a bit. 

In spite of it's eccentricities, I very much like this polish and it is so very beautiful that in my opinion, it is worth the extra effort. I really would love to have the other colours in this collection. Especially Stone Cold and Rock-Coco (I think that is what it is called? The purple one?) I also like the grey with holo sparkles. And Emberstone. Aw hell... Why don't I just come right out and admit that I want all of them? lol

Do you own these polishes? Love them? Did you have the same difficulties that I did with application? Maybe mine were due to the half a gallon of coffee I consumed before doing my nails? 


Say, would anyone be interested in a photo tutorial on how to build a very inexpensive lightbox? If so, I took pics while building mine and I would be happy to do a post. Just let me know. :D

Thank you so much for stopping by. Have a great afternoon and may your polish never bubble. 

Recent Haulage

Hello gentle readers. Happy Monday. Woo hoo! Another week has begun. Aren't we sooo excited?

I am. I have some new polishes. Polishes I got some pretty nice deals on. Wanna see?

First up, I went to Ross and found the full twelve bottle (plus a base and top coat) Color Club Back to Boho collection for Fall. Yippie! Ross has screaming deals on Color Club polish, if you are lucky enough to be there at the right time to find and snap them up. I have been drooling over this collection since I saw the first swatches hit the blogs. I think that there are a couple of shades in this one that are too brown for my liking and will most likely get re homed.

Then, off to Sally's. Where I snagged China Glaze Tree Hugger and Tempest on clearance for $1.99 each. I also acquired Traffic Jam and Westside Warrior from the Metro Collection. I found the Loreal Project runway display at Walgreen's. All of the polishes but one were stocked. The only colour that really appealed to me was Owl's Night. And boy is it ever pretty!

While I was at Sally's buying the China Glaze polishes, I drooled over the Orly Mineral FX polishes. Yes, I want them all. But at nine clams a bottle, I had to pass. It wasn't until I was back in the car and we were headed back into the main part of town that my husband asked me if I remembered to use my $5.00 off coupon I received when I re upped my Sally card. I had forgotten about it. So, yesterday, back to Sally's I went and I grabbed Orly Rock-It. With my Sally Card and my coupon, it was $3.25 with tax. Yeah, baby! I love a score like that. :D

I have also been busy with a little project involving a destroyed shadow palette I picked up for a song, some supplies and all of my Wet-n-Wild singles, trios, six and eight pans. I'll do a post on it, soon. :D

Well, I need to run. I still haven't done my nails and I am ears deep in laundry. I'll wait until the laundry is finished before I do my nails, tho. Folding and fresh polish don't mix.

Take care, all you crazy polish addicts. Have a terrific day and may your polish never bubble.

Manicure of the Moment

Hello gentle readers. Happy First Day of Fall! One of the best ever days of the year. Fall is my favourite season and I am so happy to see it arrive. :) I finally finished swatching and photographing my purple polishes for my Colour Series today. I was going to do all of my purples but I am so happy with the seven I chose that I don't feel the need to change my mind or do more swatches.

 After I was finished I filed down my nails. A lot. They were getting close to too long for me and I had  cracks/breaks on both index finger nails. The one on my right has been there a long, long time, having started low, about halfway to my cuticle in my nail bed. I kept it glued and patched for months as it grew up to where I could finally, finally! File it away. The other night, I broke my left index nail while washing my makeup brushes, of all things. I repaired it because I needed my nail length to be consistent for my swatches but it wasn't as sturdy as I thought it should be and the break was staining from the purple. I finally got over the breaks and the raggle baggle that goes with them and I just wanted them gone! already. Once all of my swatches were done, out came the files. And now I have ten shorter but flawless nails. Ahhh...

Since I am rocking shorties, I decided to have some fun and wear a deep, dark colour. And it doesn't get any deeper or darker than black. I applied two coats of one of the polishes my husband surprised me with. Sally Hansen Complete Manicure in Midnight in N.Y. Black jelly with fine holo glitter. I topped it with Seche Vite. This be pretty stuff. :D

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Midnight in N.Y. is a lovely black jelly full of scattered, teeny, tiny holographic glitter that fires all colours of the rainbow under an Ott lamp or in the sun. This polish has a nice formula. It is thin but not runny. It is very nicely behaved, flows smoothly off that terrific curved, wide brush right into place. I did have some cleanup because by the time I got to my nails, I had done a bunch of swatches and it was well past lunch time and I was shaky. And that made for not the neatest polish application. lol Dry time is decent.

I get such a kick out of black polish. I never thought that I would like it so much. If you had told me a couple of years ago that I would enjoy it so much, I would have laughed at you. For a long, long time.

Okay. So, guess that is all I have for the moment. Thank you all so much for popping in. Have a terrific rest of your First Day of Fall and may your polish never bubble.

And the Winner is...

A winner for my little re home my polishes giveaway has been drawn and she is...

Stephanie Louise!

Thank you, everyone who entered. I so much appreciate your reading and following and entering my little giveaway. If you didn't win, this time please don't be too sad. I will be hosting another giveaway, as soon as time and budget permit. I am thinking something Christmas-y (or holiday-ish, if you will... :D). So please stay tuned. :)

By Request: A Comparison

Hello gentle readers.

I had a request from the lovely Nicole, the owner of Nightly Nails to see a comparison between yesterday's Rimmel Lasting Pro Posh Pink and OPI I'm India Mood For Love. Both polishes are bright, saturated, deep pinks. From memory, I thought that perhaps Posh Pink and I'm India Mood For Love were very similar, if not nearly dupes.

Turns out that my memory is badly flawed. lol I'm India Mood For Love and Posh Pink are both deep, bright pinks but they are two different tones. I'm India Mood For Love is cool, blue based. Posh Pink is warmer, more yellow based. Seen individually, they are both very pink. Seen side by side, I'm India Mood For Love is very pink, pink and Posh Pink looks almost coral.

I did the best I could to capture the difference between these polishes with my poor old camera and my limited knowledge of photo editing. The difference between these polishes is much more apparent in person.

Photographic evidence. By the way, both colours are three coats, no top coat.

 Index and ring: OPI I'm India Mood For Love. Middle and pinkie: Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro Posh Pink.
In my lightbox, with my Ott lamp.

 In shade.

 In direct sun.

In direct sun. Two nails, side by side. You can see the difference better, here. 

So, there you have it. A comparison between OPI I'm India Mood For Love and Rimmel Lasting Pro Posh Pink. Two pretty, but quite different pink polishes. If you love bright, deeply saturated pink polish, these are both worth owning. The formula is lovely on both, they both apply nicely, dry in decent time. The Rimmel is opaque in two coats, the OPI in three. If you prefer cool tones, you will probably like OPI I'm India Mood For Love, if warmer tones make you happy, you would probably go for the Rimmel Lasting Pro in Posh Pink. 

I am not wearing polish, at the mo. Just base coat. I am in the throes of swatching purple polishes and I plan to get back to it in just a few. So, no sense on painting my nails up. I think that purple is going to win the October Colour Series poll. But the poll is still open, there is plenty of time to change the game, if you would prefer orange or green. And just think about how funny it would be to see me searching madly through my polish stash, gathering polishes other than purple, swatching and photographing like a crazy woman because, like CNN, I called it too early. 

Thank you so much for popping in and hanging out for a bit. Have a terrific evening and may your polish never bubble. 

Pink Wednesday

Hello gentle readers. It's Pink Wednesday. For you I have Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro polish in Posh Pink. A smooth. vibrant, bright pink creme. This colour reminds me so much of OPI I'm India Mood For Love, one of my favourite pink polishes. I applied two coats and topped it with Seche Vite.

My camera sucks green donkey dicks and in spite of all of the editing I know how to do, this polish isn't showing it's true colour. *grrr!!!*  The bottle colour in my lamp photograph is the most colour accurate. I hate my camera! I want to throw it as hard and far as I can and watch it dash upon the rocks, shatter and fly into a million pieces while I laugh in maniacal glee. Alas, I am not able to do so. lol

Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro in Posh Pink is lovely stuff. A smooth, silky creme that applies like a dream. It is a nice formula; not too thick, not too thin and it flows off that wide, curved brush and sits right down where it belongs with no argument. I had little cleanup while applying this polish. Two coats gave me a lovely smooth, opaque finish. Dry time is downright respectable.

I think I need to do a comparison between this and OPI I'm India Mood For Love. If you would like to see that comparison, please let me know in a comment and I will make it happen. :)

Thank you so much for popping in. Have a great Wednesday and may your polish never bubble.

Recent Nail Mail

Hello gentle readers. I am still rocking pirate nails. I'll be back with a fresh, pink look tomorrow. I am just not in the mood to mess with my nails, right this moment. In fact, I am not much in the mood for much of anything. Just one of those days... :S

So, I decided to do a little nail mail post, instead. These are recent acquisitions from Amazon. Except for two, which I picked up at Sally's. But since they belong with others from Amazon, I included them. Clear as mud? Great. Let's get started.

 This isn't showing anything, really. I just liked how this photograph came out, so I am including it for artsy-fartsy's sake. 

From last Autumn's China Glaze Vintage Vixen Collection: First Class Ticket, Midnight Mission, Bogie and Emerald Fitzgerald. (I love those names. :D) 

I have wanted China Glaze Vintage Vixen since it released last year. It wasn't in my budget to get it, then. And by the time it was, it was out of stores. Yes, I am pathetically behind! lol  It finally occurred to me that I can get the VV polishes I want from Amazon. Duh! So, I ordered four of the seven colours I want. So I still have three to go. 

 OPI I Lily Love You from this Summer's Great Stems Collection. I plan to acquire the rest of the collection, as I love all of the colours. 

 China Glaze Fairy Dust and Golden Enchantment. I love, love, love these scattered fine glitter holo toppers. I had both of these polishes a while back, then I stupidly frankened them. And it took me a while to find Golden Enchantment, again. It isn't too widely available but I found it on Amazon, at a good price. I won't be frankening these. :P Fairy Dust was purchased at Sally's where it is still part of the core collection. I need to get backups of these, while I can. I don't want to be without them, again. :)

And finally! A year late, again. Last year's China Glaze Awakening Hallowe'en collection. I ordered Mummy May I (front) and Ick-A-Body (back) from Amazon. I found Zombie Zest (middle) on clearance at Sally's last Winter.

So, there it is. My recent spending too much on polish. For all the world to see. lol

Thank you for popping in. Have a terrific one, bloggy friends and may your polish never bubble. 

Arrr!!! It Be Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Happy talk like a pirate day, me gentle readers. Arrr!

In celebration of this most special day, I have done a little nail-y art. Now, I be warnin' ya, mateys, this is not high art. My painting skills aren't any skills, at all and I didn't have pirate-y stamping plates so... I used stickers and a palm tree stamping image and my imagination to create pirate-esque nails.  Arrr!

 Here's the stuff I used. The stamping plate is BM-70. 

 Base colours. Plus top coat.

 All of my "art". The skulls are Hallowe'en stickers. The black blobs on my thumbs are supposed to be eye patches. lol

A close up of the rest of my nails. I like my ring finger, best. I am proud of how it turned out. I didn't think that I could do it. :D The sparkles on the sand is the pirate's treasure, scattered all over. I don't know how to paint a treasure chest... Arrr! 

Okay, so there you have it. My lame attempt at pirate nail art. It aint fancy, but it was fun to do. :D

If anyone wants a how to on my palm tree on an island nail, give me a shout out in comments and I'll do a post. Trust me, it's super easy. If I can do it, it has to be! lol 

Thank you for sailing in. Have a fabulous Pirate Day and may yer polish not be bubbling. Arrr! 

Ugh! Skunk! Gag! Why do they spray around here? 


Review: CVS Brand Ultra Premium Cotton Squares

Hello gentle readers. How are you all, this fine, sunny Sunday? Things here are pretty danged decent. It is a gorgeous day; sunny, the humidity has fled and the temps are downright gorgeous. This time of year is a treat. The blast of Summer heat is waning and it isn't yet cold. Just lovely, lovely days. :)

Okay, so... I have read about these type of cotton squares here and there and I was intrigued by them but I didn't think that I would be able to find them so easily and if I did, they would be so expensive that I wouldn't want to shell out for them if I did find them. I was wrong on both accounts. I did, indeed find them and they are pretty danged affordable, too.

Sorry about the craptastic photograph. This was actually the best one I got of these. *hangs head*

These are not like your usual cotton balls, rounds or pads. Rather than just pressed fibres, these are a non woven material, a top and bottom layer with layers in the middle then pressed together at two sides and open at the ends. The non woven material makes them very soft, very strong; they don't fall apart when you apply something wet to them and rub and scrub with them and they shed far, far fewer of those horrid, annoying fibres that regular cotton rounds, pads and balls do.

I love these for polish removal. I usually use at least five cotton rounds to remove normal creme or shimmer polish. I use two of these... One for each hand. They are fabulous for removing eye makeup. I use natural oil to soften and break up my shadow, liner and mascara then swipe away the mess with one of these squares. They are soft, so they don't irritate or abrade my skin and they are so absorbent that I usually only need one to clean up my eyes. These cotton squares don't shed, so I don't end up with my eyes and lashes full of fibres, I don't have them stuck to my skin and... Yuk.

I bought these at CVS. The package of 160 was just under four dollars. A little spendy, but well worth a little extra money, in my opinion. I am going to look at dollar stores and WallyWorld and see if I can't find these for a little less. I seriously love these squares, and I won't give them up, now but I wouldn't mind paying a lower price for them, if I can. :D

I still use regular cotton rounds for polish removal when swatching and soaking off glitter where I need to use a whole lot of them at once, so that I don't burn through my "good" cotton squares too fast.

These cotton squares make me happy and I recommend them. If you haven't tried them, may I suggest that you do? I think that you would really love them. :)

Do You Know Who I Am?

Hello gentle readers. Ice Queen let me take this one today because I need your help. You see, I have amnesia. I was a gift to her from Freecycle and when I arrived at Ice Queen's house I had no label. We don't know who I am and we are hoping that one of you polish goddesses will.

I am an older, black label OPI polish. I have the old style round brush and the telltale not 3-free hardcore polish smell of days past. I am a deep, red toned, slightly blackened purple packed with shimmer. I am a creme who wants to be a jelly, smooth, silky, thick but somewhat translucent. I applied beautifully in three coats and was so mad shiny that I almost broke Ice Queen's camera. I think that she likes me. And she would really like to know who I am. So would I.

Can you help us?

Do you know who I am? 

Thank you for popping in. Have a great Saturday and may your polish never bubble. (Why the hell does she say that? :P)