Been Hauling

Hello gentle readers. I have been a baaaad girl. I bought a lot of polish, the other day. Then my husband bought more for me and I am up to my ears in new polish (because I didn't have enough untrieds stashed away... ;) :P) and I thought that I might as well take pictures and do a haul post.

I hope that you don't mind haul posts, find them obnoxious. I don't intend for them to be. It isn't me bragging and saying, "Look what I got! Neener-neener!". I enjoy reading haul posts. They enable me and let's face it, I am a nosy creeper and I like to see what everybody has. :D

Okay, time to get on with it. I encourage pic clickage.

 Let's start at Sally Beauty. I found China Glaze Metro and grabbed five of them. These are the colours that I really, really wanted from this collection. I may get a couple of others that would be nice to have, but these were my must have nao! polishes.

From left to right: City Siren (another red... shocking, I know ;)), Urban-Night, Concrete Catwalk, Skyscraper and CG In the City. All but Skyscraper were on the display. I was getting a bottle of Seche Vite and the gal who works there, who is a fellow polish addict, asked me if I found all of the colours I wanted. I mentioned that I got everything but Skyscraper and she invited me into the back room, hauled out a box and ripped it open and invited me to help myself to whatever I wanted. I gleefully grabbed the last bottle of Skyscraper and tossed it in my basket. What a gal! We talk polish every time I go in there. We have bonded. :D

Next up: Revlon. One from the new Masquerade collection and three from the other new collection. I can't remember the name of it... I have a frakking camera in my smartphone. I could have snapped a shot of the display or written down the name. I didn't. Senility is setting in. Rapidly.

From left to right: Royal Cloak, Facets of Fuchsia, Blue Mosaic (gah! Love!) and Starry Pink.

Now to peruse my share of the new Wet-n-Wild On the Prowl Hallowe'en collection. There were eight colours in the display, I thought about grabbing all of them, but I wasn't all that wild about one and I didn't really need the black one, so I grabbed these six. Oh! I found these at CVS.

From left to right: Tangled in My Web, Behind Closed Doors, Correction Tape, Cougar Attack, Buy Me a Drink and Ready to Pounce. 

Next up, a few Sinfuls I picked up at Walgreen's. 

Black on Black, Black Crackle (what the high holy hell is the matter with me? I bought yet another crackle. I don't much like crackle, it doesn't much like me), and Courtney Orange. Very Hallowe'en-y. I am hoping that this is the crackle that I get along with. We'll see... This might end up going back or getting re-homed.

Husband Haul is next.

Left to right: Sally Hansen Midnight in N.Y., Pure Ice Crimson and Flirt Alert, Sinful Unicorn (a duplicate for me) and Cloud Nine. Midnight in N.Y. is black with holo-y shimmer. Check out the close up:

This is so much better in person. Trust me. :D 

Grabbed a bottle of Seche Vite. 

And last, but not least... 

Kiss Hallowe'en nail art stickers. Some of the stickers are so cute! And, some of them are a little lame, too. Look, I am hardly someone you could call cool or hardcore or rock and roll. In fact, I am about as mainstream as it gets and even I can appreciate how lame stickers that spell "skull" "witch" and "pumpkin" and so forth really are. lol Why didn't they just make the picture stickers and leave out the words? Boo! is good. "Skull"... Not so much! lol Oh and by the way, you will not see any of the spiders on these nails. Evah!

These stickers should be available wherever Kiss products are sold. I found mine at Walgreen's by the beauty counter. If you like these and want some, get to your fave drugstore and get them, now. They go fast and many stores don't re order. My local Walgreen's certainly doesn't.

I just counted. Twenty-three bottles. I am out of control. lol Next trip really should be skin care, some makeup. I don't need more polish. 

Yeah. Right! 

I should swatch some of these, but then I can't show them as Manicures of the Moment, can I? I mean, who wants to see the same polishes over and over on the same blog? I think I had better just stick to what I do. But swatching is kinda fun. I don't know... 

All right. My water is gong right through me and I have to run. Now. Thanks for stopping by. Have a good one and may your polish never bubble.