Color Series ~ Glitter: Day One

Good morning, gentle readers.

Today begins my Color Series ~ Glitter. Today's offering is OPI Sparkle-Icious from their 2010 Burlesque Holiday Collection. Sparkle-Icious is an amazing polish. It is a clear, thin jelly base packed with tiny, multicoloured square glitter. There is gold, blue, pink, a little purple. The sparkle factor, especially in the sun is just spectacular. This glitter scintillates and dances.

I applied three coats and topped this with Poshe` top coat. I personally believe that glitters look best applied over a complimentary or contrasting base colour but, in the interest of showing just what these glitters are truly all about, the polishes in this Colour Series are  shown applied on bare nails over clear base coat. There are, naturally, some thin areas at the tips and some bare patches here and there. That is just the nature of glitters. If I had stressed over getting perfect opacity, I would still be swatching! lol

On to the photographs. I upped the saturation while I was editing these photographs to show the glitters to their best advantage. Sadly, this means that my poor fingers look a bit carrot-like. My skin isn't that orange. The sacrifices we make to show off our beautiful polishes! lol One day, I am going to learn how to perfect the polish, while maintaining something like my true skin tone.

Please feel free to enlarge these to get an eyeful of the sparkle, shimmer and all of the pretty colours.

OPI Sparkle-Icious is an amazing creation. It applies very smoothly and easily, for a glitter. It dries quickly and it isn't a top coat gobbling monster, turning out perfectly smooth and shiny under just one coat. This polish is versatile. If you want a thin sprinkle of glitter, just dip your brush at the top of the bottle and you get a thinner application. If you want to pave your nails in the stuff, push your brush right down to the bottom and you will pick up a full brush load to smooth on for more full coverage.

Do you own Sparkle-Icious? Love it? Please do tell.

Thank you for popping in. Have a terrific Thursday. Stay cool, kids and may your polish never bubble.