Colour Series ~ Glitter Day Three Milani One Coat Glitter in Blue Flash

Good Caturday morning, gentle readers. I hope that you are all enjoying your Labor Day Weekend. :D

Today I have for you a really gorgeous polish that was part of Milani's Holiday 2010 release. I managed to get my greedy little paws on most of this collection and  I am enjoying these polishes a lot. This one is, in my personal opinion, the beauty of the bunch. It's blue. Shocking, huh? Milani One Coat Glitter in Blue Flash. Laws have mercy! This is pretty stuff. A blackened base densely packed with teeny-tiny blue and some silver glitter. This glitter is so dense that, if applied with care is opaque in one coat. Which is what I did and topped it with two coats of Poshe` for maximum shine and sparkle plenty.

Photographs next. May I suggest clicking twice to get a real eyeful of this beauty.

Milani One Coat Glitter in Blue Flash is a beauty, no doubt about it. That said, there is a little learning curve to applying this particular polish. I found that applying with plenty of polish on the brush is a very good idea, making sure to have enough that I could gently pat/dab polish into place in any bald or thin spots. Once that was done, I let it dry for a moment, then with a wet finger I gently patted any rough or bumpy areas smooth. Topped the whole thing with top coat and... Bam! Blue sparkle party on my tips.

This polish dries rapidly and it dries matte. The effect is interesting, there is a rough beauty to it, rather like inhibited sparkle in blue concrete. I may have to rock this mattified, one day. It dries rough and it is a top coat slurping greedy one. Be prepared to apply a couple of coats of top coat. This isn't the easiest polish. But trust me, it is sooo worth a little care and effort.

While I don't think that this polish is available in stores (you might luck in to some in a clearance bin, somewhere) I do know that is is being sold on the Cherry Culture website.  It is on sale, right now, too. ( I need a backup so just leave me one, please. Mmkaay? :))

I hope that you enjoyed the third installment in this series. I think that I am going to change a couple of the polishes I am featuring. Looking back over all of my swatch photos, I am not entirely happy with my selections. Yes, I am a perfectionist, a self second guesser and never content with what is. But, I can admit it, so I guess that is healthy. Maybe? :P lol

Thank you all so much for popping in. Have yourselves a great day, have fun, stay safe and may your polish never bubble.