Colour Series ~ Glitter Day Two: Color Club Untamed Luxury

Hello gentle readers. Happy Friday! The week is drawing to a close and here in the U.S. you know what that means... Party! It is Labor Day weekend. Summer's last big hurrah. The final holiday until Hallowe'en. Get out. Enjoy. Grill, hang out, watch backtobacktoback baseball games, get a last good sunburn, swim, bike, hike, eat so much watermelon that you almost bust. Drink beer (don't drive!), chase the kids, swat flies, play in the sprinklers, make a Slip-N-Slide out of plastic tarp and dish soap, sneak off and indulge in daylight nookie with your sweetie, slurp ice cream, slurp Slurpees and get brain freeze. Have a fun, safe holiday weekend. :D

But, before you do... Feast your peepers on this. Color Club Untamed Luxury from their Autumn 2010 Collection of the same name. Untamed Luxury is a beautiful, slightly blue-y green jelly base packed with green, blue and a little silver glitter. Talk about sparkle plenty! This polish is gorgeous on it's own or layered over a base colour. For this post I applied two coats and topped it with Poshe`.

These photos don't capture this polish to is't greatest advantage. Trust me, it is fabulously sparkly and more complex than my photographs show. Do enlarge these to get a little more of the goodness. :D

Color Club Untamed Luxury is typical yummy Color Club. Smooth, easy to apply, seriously well behaved. I had nearly no cleanup when applying this swatch. Dry time is fast, especially for a very jelly glitter polish. And this one is. Very jelly. The squish factor is amazing and, it is. So. Mad. Shiny. After top coat is applied. This polish dries a little satin, so you have to top it for maximum shine.

I have to agree with a fellow blogger, the loverly Niki that Color Club is vastly under appreciated out in the civilian world. Hell, until I started reading polish blogs, my impression of the brand was that it was obscure and low rent. Ha! How mistaken was I? Color Club has become one of my favourite brands, with a fantastic shade and finish range and a formula that places it on par with and even above far more expensive polishes. I will say, tho... Civilians not "getting" how fab this brand is just means that there is more out there for me. *evil grin*.

If you would like this polish, it is available from Ross or other discounters from time to time, various e-tailers, the Color Club website, Amazon (I think I saw it there...) and probably E-Bay (don't quote me on that one, as I almost never peruse that site). Anyway, it is widely available, so don't pay an inflated price.

Do you own this polish? Love it? Want to lob it? Please do tell. I'd love to know what you think.

Thank you all so much for popping in to spend a little time with me, today. Have a great Friday and may your polish never bubble.


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