Colour Series ~ Glitter Pink Wednesday Edition

Good morning, gentle readers. Please forbear while I leave you long enough to commit mass murder.

Still there? Good. You see, there were these obnoxious assholes doing some work outside. Very, very, very noisy work. At six in the morning. In a residential area. Did I mention that they started at six? In the morning? How rude!

Ah... Fantasies. I didn't really kill them. They still out there, happily banging, crashing, jackhammering and doing God-only-knows-what. At six thirty. In the morning.

It is going to be such a lovely day.

Okay. On to why I am really here. To wrap up Colour Series ~ Glitter week. Since it is Pink Wednesday, I thought it only fitting that I end the series on a pink note. I chose for your viewing pleasure China Glaze Mrs. Clause from last year's holiday collection; a pretty dark pink glitter in a rosy pink jelly base. This is so sparkly, girlie and just downright pretty. I applied three? I think? (Write it down, Erika!) coats. Topped it with Poshe` and started shooting.

I have to apologize for the quality of these photographs. While I was shooting another glitter swatch, my camera took a dump. I don't know why. Partly because of crap batteries, I am sure. My camera is a battery snob and it doesn't appreciate being run on cheap ones. Anyway, I dumped the bad batteries, grabbed my last two (also cheapies... beggars can't be choosers! lol) and loaded them up. And it wasn't until I finished shooting and uploading that I realized that my camera had somehow dumped all of my settings and I didn't pay attention and see it until it was too late to go back and re swatch and re shoot, thanks to my last set of cheapie batteries not having enough juice in them. *sigh*

So, these photographs were shot at a lower resolution than that at which I normally shoot my nails. And for that, I heartily apologize.

Chian Glaze Mrs. Clause is a lovely polish to apply. It goes on smooth and very easy for a glitter. It isn't hard to get this polish opaque for sparkle paved nails. This polish is a thousand times prettier in person than it is in these less than stellar photographs.

Okay, so... There we have it. Colour Series ~ Glitter. I hope that you enjoyed this series. I have a poll up to get your input on the next series to run the first week of October. Please vote and tell me what you would like to see.

Thank you all so much for taking a little time out of your busy day to spend it with me. I really do appreciate it. Have a terrific day and may your polish never bubble.