Layering and Junk

Hi everyone! Pure Ice Busted here. I am like, doing this entry 'cause Ice Queen has a migraine and she is not in the mood to post. She kinda said I could do this, but, like, she isn't sure if I can handle the job. I think that I can. She said to keep it simple, so, yeah... I'll do that.


You see, Ice Queen didn't feel like changing her polish, today and won't be able to for a few days. She was kinda squeegeeing water off after her shower with her hand and she like,  flung it to the side and caught a hard blow against the underside on the tub filler and, like, cut her right ring finger... you know... The one next to her bird finger? up near the cuticle. So, she doesn't want to, like, use remover or acetone for a few days? So, she decided to layer junk on the polish she was already wearing, instead.

I think that she shoulda just, like, sucked it up and used the remover, but she is, like, gonna do what she is gonna do. So, she grabbed me out of the box (I think it really, really sucks that I have to live in a box. When is she gonna buy us polishes a better crib?) and painted two coats over her Orly... What was that shit called, again?

Mineral FX Rock-It. And watch your mouth.

Yeah... Rock-It. I am a light purple jelly and I am, like, all full of mini duochrome flakies. I kinda rule, and on top of Rock-It I really shine and shift. I changed it from, like, this sorta raspberry colour to, like purple purple, with a strong red tone. And my flakies, like, make everything shift gold to green to purple. Yeah. I rule. I was easy to apply and I dried in pretty nice time. Too bad she had to smother me with a coat of that Seche Vite shit.

Busted! Aw... Screw it! I am not in the mood to fuss at you, right now. 

Okay... So... I'm s'posed to, like, show you all photographs and junk... They were taken under the OttLight, outside in the sun and in the shade and a couple were taken in the house, 'cause I shifted gold and was all pretty and junk. Too bad the old bat's hands are so all shaky 'cause those pics are kinda blurry.


You should totally click on these pics 'cause I am, like, so totally awesome.

 Like, under the lamp... I don't get why she needs to do this, but it does, like, show me off. So I guess it's okay.

 Out in the sunshine. I am so bright you , like, need shades!

 Later this afternoon. You can, like, see my shifting-ness and the different colours from my flakies and junk.

 Again in the shade to show how my flakies can be, like, all rose gold. 

Inside, where there was a little sun peeking in through her, like, piece of shit blinds. She had the blinds all shut, 'cause she said her head was too bad to stand the sunshine. It, like, must be... Bad and junk... 'cause she, like, keeps making weird typos and junk and having to go back and re type shit. She calls it typing in Martain. Like, it would be so totally cool to go to Mars and see Martains and be all, like, "Take me to your Leader", and junk. I would totally be the Captain of the space ship and...

Busted, please stay on task. The glare from my monitor is making my brain vibrate and my eyes throb.

Okay... So, anyway, there you have it. I am so cool and if you don't have me, you should, like, totally get your ass to WalMart or wherever Pure Ice polishes are sold in your area and pick up a bottle of me. You would love me sooo much! 



Thank you for popping in and putting up with this. Really. You are all sooo cool! Have a great night, all and may your polish never bubble. <333

How come you, like, say that shit every time?

Just shut up and click the Publish Post button, will you, please? Geeze!