Manicure of the Moment and... My Husband is Now Buying Polish!

Hello gentle readers. How is everyone, today? Well, I hope. :) I considered saying something about 9/11 but everything I tried to write was too much or too little or just too-too. So I am going to keep it simple. I remember. I hope that I never forget. I hope that none of us do because if we ever do...

I want to thank all of you for your terrific and thought provoking feedback to me in your comments on my last post. I have read all of them and I appreciate your thoughts. :)

Today's mani is a layered look. Yesterday, I applied Sally Hansen The Real Teal. Teal green creme packed with gorgeous lighter teal micro shimmer. Quite yummeh! I topped it with Seche Vite and enjoyed.

Enlarge these bad boyz to see the shimmer. Go ahead! Click them twice. :D

Sally Hansen The Real Teal is a teal green creme that is filled with loads and loads of lighter, brighter teal micro shimmer. The formula is nice. Thick-ish but not at all gloopy. Very well behaved, it sits right down where it is placed. I didn't have too much cleanup, mostly fussbudget refining stuff. I applied two coats and had a smooth, fully opaque finish. Dry time is good, faster than I expected for a thick polish that I painted on thick. (I tend to polish thick... Dunno why, it is just how I roll.) So, yeah. (Geeze! I am watching way too many YouTube videos! lol) Nice polish. My only problem was some tip pull on a couple of my nails. I don't know if it was the Seche Vite or my application. No biggie and only visible in macro.

This polish is pretty widely available and you should be able to find it in your local drugstore.

I was up early, this morning. I go through phases where I get up disgustingly early, much earlier than normal and can't seem to settle back down. This was just such a morning. So I decided to have a little fin with my manicure. I grabbed my bottle of OPI Catch Me In Your Net and applied a coat over The Real Teal. Then I topped it all off with another coat of Seche Vite.

The layering gives some serious pretty, to be sure. OPI Catch Me In Your Net is a dark blue sheer base brimming with duochrome glass fleck shimmer. Oh, Lordy! This polish is gorge! Seriously, seriously gorge! Over the teal base, depending on the light and angle my nails are dark blue, light blue, teal, green... And so sparkly. The formula is perfect as can be, applies like a dream and dries in a snap.

Photographs. Click them.

I did the best I could with the camera I have. Anyone who owns this polish knows what a glorious beauty it really is. OPI Catch Me In Your Net was part of their Summer 2010 collection. I bought mine from Amazon last Winter when it was still fairly easy to find and still commanded a normal asking price. I have seen this polish listed there since then at anywhere from what I paid (five dollars and change) to thirty dollars. Now, I don't know if it is really that rare and I have no idea what it goes for on say, E-Bay or if some seller on Amazon is just having a little price jacking fun.

So, do you own either of these polishes? Love them? Loathe them? Please do tell.

My husband is starting to buy polish. He has brought home five bottles in the last two days. A Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure, two Pure Ice and a couple of Sinfuls. He only bought one duplicate of a polish I already own. I am impressed. Some of his picks were pretty terrific, a couple... I wouldn't have chosen but I appreciate the thought and it is sweet of him to remember and to buy me a little something that he knows I will enjoy. I have clued him in to the new Orly Mineral FX polishes at Sally's. *evil grin* We'll see what he does with the information.

Well, I guess that is all I have, for right now. Thank you for popping in. Have a terrific night and may your polish never bubble.

Oh! Did I mention that I found W-n-W On the Prowl at my local CVS, yesterday? I almost fell over! Then I grabbed the six I wanted. I also bought a pack of those gorgeous, thick, strong cotton squares I have been wanting to try. With my Extra Bucks, the whole lot came in just under ten clams. I love getting a bargain. I also found the two new Revlon displays and grabbed three glitters and Royal Cloak from those. I have been getting a little luckier, lately. Maybe that will continue. I need to take haul pics, as I also got five of the China Glaze Metros... Okay. I am going, now. I need to go dip my debit card in ice water. lol


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