Manicure of the Moment and... My Internet is Driving Me Crazy!!!

Hello gentle readers. Another week is drawing to a close and the Weekend is upon us, once again. I tried to post, earlier but my stinking Internet was down. Again. Gah! My provider has been having server difficulties, lately and my usually rock steady, always perfect Internet service has been spotty, slow, going down, working only half-assed. And I am sooo over it. Hopefully, they will solve the problems, soon.

Today I finally took off my Zoya Ivanka. It was kind of sad, since my manicure was in really great shape and didn't need to be removed.

But I was growing bored.

So, I grabbed Color Club Revealed from their Spring Alter Ego Collection. Revealed is a soft, pretty salmon pink creme with a ton of pink micro shimmer. I applied three coats and topped it with Seche Vite. Very nice. :)

All photographs were taken in my lightbox. There wasn't enough sun shining long enough at the right time to take photographs outdoors. The sun was out until I finished polishing my nails then it hid. I went upstairs and uploaded my photos and started editing them and the sun came out. I grabbed my camera and bottle and it hid. So I went back to my 'puter and the sun came out. And I grabbed my camera and bottle and headed for my back door and yep. You guessed it.

I gave up. lol

My camera seriously washed this colour out. I boosted the saturation to get it a little closer to what it really is. Clicking for bigness will show you the shimmah.

Color Club Revealed is a soft salmon pink creme packed with bright pink micro shimmer. The formula is pretty nice, it is well behaved and doesn't run or pool on my cuticles. However, it is a little sheer and streaky so three coats were needed to get it completely opaque and smooth. Dry time was good. I am happy with it.

Today is my husband's and my (I think I just butchered my grammar worse than I usually do, on that one! lol)  23rd wedding anniversary. Woah! Just typing that out... lol He surprised me by having flowers delivered to me here at the house. A beautiful bouquet of huge pink stargazer lilies and two pink balloons. Eeep! They are so beautiful. And a big surprise. My house smells like a florist's. :D

I had a fun day of laundry and housework. lol I hope that you all had a great day. :D Thank you for popping in. Have yourselves a great evening and may your polish never bubble.