Pink Wednesday... But Not, Really

Hello gentle readers. Happy Wednesday. I know that I usually do a pink mani on Pink Wednesday but today I am going to share with you the polish I painted on after I finished my swatches, yesterday. I was going to change it, this morning but my poor cuticles need a little break from the chemical barrage so I am resting them in oil and cuticle butter,today.

China Glaze Cherry Pie. A delicious, juicy jelly base that colour shifts from a deep, nearly phosphorescent pink to orange to an otherworldly red, packed with a ton of glass fleck shimmer. This is a tad sheer and needs several coats for full opacity. I applied two and am letting my VNL flag fly. I topped this polish with Seche Vite.

By the time I got to applying this polish it was fully dark grey outside and thunder was crashing, lighting was dancing and rain was falling, so no sunshine. All three photographs were taken in my lightbox. I had to up the saturation to compensate for my camera's nasty habit of washing out my polish. leaving my fingers looking like something that belong on a crudites platter. One day I will learn how to make my polish look fab and not turn my fingers into orange veggie sticks. I learn everything on my own and it takes time. Old dogs, you know... lol

Anywhoozle, on to the pictures. Click them for the shimmery, jelly yummy.

China Glaze Cherry Pie is a little on the thin side, while it applies smoothly is a little naughty. It wanted to run and flood my cuticles and I had to keep tight reign on it. Even tho I was careful, my cleanup brush was a little busy. Now, I know some of that was thanks to my polish fatigue (hey, did I just coin a new term?!?! :D) post swatching. But other polishes from the Summer Days collection behave much the same way for me so I think it is this collection, not just my application technique.

 I like these polishes. A lot. And a little extra work wouldn't keep me from recommending them to others. :) This polish is a jelly and it is a tad on the sheer side. I applied two coats and my VNL is clearly visible. If that makes you unhappy, you would need another coat or two. Dry time is fast. This polish makes me happy. And crave Rainier cherries.

China Glaze Cherry Pie is widely available and can be found at various beauty e-tailers, Amazon and E-Bay. I bought mine from Amazon.

Thank you for popping in and spending a little of your busy day with me. Have yourself a lovely day and may your polish never bubble.