Recent Haulage

Hello gentle readers. Happy Monday. Woo hoo! Another week has begun. Aren't we sooo excited?

I am. I have some new polishes. Polishes I got some pretty nice deals on. Wanna see?

First up, I went to Ross and found the full twelve bottle (plus a base and top coat) Color Club Back to Boho collection for Fall. Yippie! Ross has screaming deals on Color Club polish, if you are lucky enough to be there at the right time to find and snap them up. I have been drooling over this collection since I saw the first swatches hit the blogs. I think that there are a couple of shades in this one that are too brown for my liking and will most likely get re homed.

Then, off to Sally's. Where I snagged China Glaze Tree Hugger and Tempest on clearance for $1.99 each. I also acquired Traffic Jam and Westside Warrior from the Metro Collection. I found the Loreal Project runway display at Walgreen's. All of the polishes but one were stocked. The only colour that really appealed to me was Owl's Night. And boy is it ever pretty!

While I was at Sally's buying the China Glaze polishes, I drooled over the Orly Mineral FX polishes. Yes, I want them all. But at nine clams a bottle, I had to pass. It wasn't until I was back in the car and we were headed back into the main part of town that my husband asked me if I remembered to use my $5.00 off coupon I received when I re upped my Sally card. I had forgotten about it. So, yesterday, back to Sally's I went and I grabbed Orly Rock-It. With my Sally Card and my coupon, it was $3.25 with tax. Yeah, baby! I love a score like that. :D

I have also been busy with a little project involving a destroyed shadow palette I picked up for a song, some supplies and all of my Wet-n-Wild singles, trios, six and eight pans. I'll do a post on it, soon. :D

Well, I need to run. I still haven't done my nails and I am ears deep in laundry. I'll wait until the laundry is finished before I do my nails, tho. Folding and fresh polish don't mix.

Take care, all you crazy polish addicts. Have a terrific day and may your polish never bubble.