Recent Nail Mail

Hello gentle readers. I am still rocking pirate nails. I'll be back with a fresh, pink look tomorrow. I am just not in the mood to mess with my nails, right this moment. In fact, I am not much in the mood for much of anything. Just one of those days... :S

So, I decided to do a little nail mail post, instead. These are recent acquisitions from Amazon. Except for two, which I picked up at Sally's. But since they belong with others from Amazon, I included them. Clear as mud? Great. Let's get started.

 This isn't showing anything, really. I just liked how this photograph came out, so I am including it for artsy-fartsy's sake. 

From last Autumn's China Glaze Vintage Vixen Collection: First Class Ticket, Midnight Mission, Bogie and Emerald Fitzgerald. (I love those names. :D) 

I have wanted China Glaze Vintage Vixen since it released last year. It wasn't in my budget to get it, then. And by the time it was, it was out of stores. Yes, I am pathetically behind! lol  It finally occurred to me that I can get the VV polishes I want from Amazon. Duh! So, I ordered four of the seven colours I want. So I still have three to go. 

 OPI I Lily Love You from this Summer's Great Stems Collection. I plan to acquire the rest of the collection, as I love all of the colours. 

 China Glaze Fairy Dust and Golden Enchantment. I love, love, love these scattered fine glitter holo toppers. I had both of these polishes a while back, then I stupidly frankened them. And it took me a while to find Golden Enchantment, again. It isn't too widely available but I found it on Amazon, at a good price. I won't be frankening these. :P Fairy Dust was purchased at Sally's where it is still part of the core collection. I need to get backups of these, while I can. I don't want to be without them, again. :)

And finally! A year late, again. Last year's China Glaze Awakening Hallowe'en collection. I ordered Mummy May I (front) and Ick-A-Body (back) from Amazon. I found Zombie Zest (middle) on clearance at Sally's last Winter.

So, there it is. My recent spending too much on polish. For all the world to see. lol

Thank you for popping in. Have a terrific one, bloggy friends and may your polish never bubble.