Review: CVS Brand Ultra Premium Cotton Squares

Hello gentle readers. How are you all, this fine, sunny Sunday? Things here are pretty danged decent. It is a gorgeous day; sunny, the humidity has fled and the temps are downright gorgeous. This time of year is a treat. The blast of Summer heat is waning and it isn't yet cold. Just lovely, lovely days. :)

Okay, so... I have read about these type of cotton squares here and there and I was intrigued by them but I didn't think that I would be able to find them so easily and if I did, they would be so expensive that I wouldn't want to shell out for them if I did find them. I was wrong on both accounts. I did, indeed find them and they are pretty danged affordable, too.

Sorry about the craptastic photograph. This was actually the best one I got of these. *hangs head*

These are not like your usual cotton balls, rounds or pads. Rather than just pressed fibres, these are a non woven material, a top and bottom layer with layers in the middle then pressed together at two sides and open at the ends. The non woven material makes them very soft, very strong; they don't fall apart when you apply something wet to them and rub and scrub with them and they shed far, far fewer of those horrid, annoying fibres that regular cotton rounds, pads and balls do.

I love these for polish removal. I usually use at least five cotton rounds to remove normal creme or shimmer polish. I use two of these... One for each hand. They are fabulous for removing eye makeup. I use natural oil to soften and break up my shadow, liner and mascara then swipe away the mess with one of these squares. They are soft, so they don't irritate or abrade my skin and they are so absorbent that I usually only need one to clean up my eyes. These cotton squares don't shed, so I don't end up with my eyes and lashes full of fibres, I don't have them stuck to my skin and... Yuk.

I bought these at CVS. The package of 160 was just under four dollars. A little spendy, but well worth a little extra money, in my opinion. I am going to look at dollar stores and WallyWorld and see if I can't find these for a little less. I seriously love these squares, and I won't give them up, now but I wouldn't mind paying a lower price for them, if I can. :D

I still use regular cotton rounds for polish removal when swatching and soaking off glitter where I need to use a whole lot of them at once, so that I don't burn through my "good" cotton squares too fast.

These cotton squares make me happy and I recommend them. If you haven't tried them, may I suggest that you do? I think that you would really love them. :)