Wet-n-Wild On the Prowl: Swatches

Hello gentle readers. How was your day? Today I have swatches of the six polishes I chose from the LE On the Prowl Fall/Hallowe'en collection  from Wet-n-Wild. Sorry this post took so long to get ready. Between trying to swatch, photograph, upload, edit and watermark my photographs, I had housework, laundry and a few other things to get done. Add to that the fact that I apply and cleanup my swatches almost as painstakingly as I do polish for a manicure I am wearing, this took me a little while.

But I got it all done. It was a cloudy, thunderstorm-y kind of day but I got lucky and there was enough sun early for me to shoot the glitters in sun as well as under my lamp. I had my doubts that I would get any sunny pics, at all but it slid out from the clouds just in time when I really needed it.

Okay. Enough yapping. I know why you are really here. :D

A quick note: In photos where polishes are layered over a base colour; I used one coat of Wet-n-Wild Black Creme and two coats of China Glaze Snow. All swatches were done with base and top coats. And of course, as ever, all photos are clickable for biggage.

First up is Tangled in My Web. Black hex glitter suspended in a thick, clear jelly base. The glitter isn't sparkle plenty. It gives off a low key flash that in some lights, at some angles looks teal. Very interesting stuff.

 Index and middle: one and two coats over clear base coat.

 Ring finger: One coat over white. Am I the only one that has the Cruella De Ville song going through their head when they see that nail? lol

 Pinkie: One coat over black. Yeah... It didn't show over the black. At all. Not even a little glimmer. It was worth a try, tho. 

Next up: Correction Tape. Multi coloured square and hex glitter in pink, blue and gold, suspended in the same thick, clear jelly base. 

 Index, One coat. Middle: Two coats. 

 Ring and Pinkie: One coat over white and black.

"And when we get Behiiind Clooosed Doooors..." Sorry. Couldn't help myself. This is tiny red square glitter and big red hex sequins suspended in a dark grey jelly base. This one goes on and dries so thick, smooth and glossy. I like it best layered over a black base. 

Behind Closed Doors. Two thin coats on index. Two thick coats on Middle. 

 Ring and pinkie: Two coats over black.

And now for the one that I don't like all that much. No. Strike that. I think I loathe it. This is Cougar Attack. A slightly greyed brown jelly base with small copper square glitter. Ugh. This polish is brown. A polish colour that I just can't like. It doesn't look brown layered over black but just knowing it is brown, I have no desire to wear it, again. I may re home this one. 

 Index: Two coats. Middle: One coat.

 Ring: Two coats over black. Pinkie: One coat over black. 

Remember when I slapped myself around for buying another crackle in my last post? Well, here it is. Sinful Colors Black Crackle. *sigh* Do not like. As usual, it didn't so much shatter and crackle as it just got stringy and formed a few cracks. Blech. I think that crackle polish and I aren't meant to be together. I may re home this one, too. 

 Sinful Colors Black Crackle over the previous swatch. In clouds, not sun. 

Buy Me a Drink. Gee, would it kill you to say please? No one has manners, anymore. :P This is a mulberry creme packed with lighter burgundy micro shimmer. Pretty! And mad, mad shiny. This is three coats. 

 I only applied top coat to two nails. Can you guess which two? 

And last, but certainly not least, Ready to Pounce. A deep, rich purple creme with a lighter purple shimmer. This one is a beaut, lemme tell you. And shiny. I left the top coat off of one nail. Can you spot which one? 

Look at that shimmer! Click it! :)

The formula for all of these polishes is really very nice. The glitter bases are a bit thick, but not gloopy. It is pretty easy to work with. I got the best distribution of glitter by patting and moving most of it into place and the base allowed me to do that without making a mess of it. I have only a minor gripe about the glitters and that is that I think that more glitter could have been packed into the bottles. The glitter tends to settle and the rest of the bottle looks and feels sparsely populated by the sparkly stuff. I had to dip my brush down to the bottom and swirl to pick up plenty to apply. The cremes were silky and smooth. So smooth that they felt almost like jellies. They were beautifully well behaved and easy to apply. All of the polishes self leveled very nicely. Which is a good thing, as you will see, as you read on. Dry time on all of these polishes is downright respectable. 

I like these polishes a lot. The colours are beautiful, the glitters sparkly and fun. I didn't love Cougar attack, but that was just a personal preference thing, not a fault of the polish, it's self. Yes, indeedy. These polishes are nice.


And this is a big but. Yep. You guessed it. I am about to get off on a rant. 

The brushes. Those shit-tacular brushes. Wet-n-Wild has done so much to make such terrific polish. Why are they so danged resistant to putting better quality brushes in their polishes? Don't tell me it is cost. Other drugstore brands manage to have much, much better brushes than these and maintain their lower price points. Why can't Wet-n-Wild do the same? A part of me is resistant to buying Wet-n-Wild polishes, in spite of how much I want the pretty colours and sparkly glitters because of the nasty, unpleasant brushes I know that I am  going to be forced to contend with. 

 I love that the brushes are wider than your usual round brush (you know that I love me a wide brush :)) and the curve at the end is, or would be, a nice feature if the bristles weren't so unevenly trimmed. All of the brushes look as if they were trimmed with a weed whacker or chewed by rats. This makes getting a smooth, uniform cuticle curve and a level, even coat a real test of my patience and results in a lot of time spent with my cleanup brush. Ready to Pounce's brush was so bad that it left a mound of polish built up on one side of my nails. Drove me crazy! 

In spite of the brushes, I do recommend these polishes. The quality of the polish it's self is good. And the price of a dollar ninety-nine is hard to beat. The On the Prowl collection is limited edition and is out in stores, now. Like a lot of LE collections, it is hit or miss if you will find it in your area. I miss out on a lot of them since my local drugstores don't always get them in. But I got lucky, this time. If you want these polishes, get to hunting and do it fast. Most stores don't re order LE collections. 

Oh! Buy Me a Drink didn't get top coat on my middle and pinkie. Ready to Pounce didn't get top coat on my middle. 

So, what do you think of these polishes? Like the look of them? Please let me know what you think, I would love to hear your input. 

Thank you so much for popping in. Have a great night and may your polish never bubble. 


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