Manicure of the Moment: Hello Kitty Goes Hallowe'en Glam

Good morning, gentle readers. I hope that your Sunday is shaping up to be a lovely one and that you are enjoying your weekend.

Today I have my latest attempt at Hallowe'en nails. On three nails on each hand, I applied a coat of Wet-N-Wild Black Creme, topped it with China Glaze Ick-a-Body and set a solid black resin stone then sealed it all in with a nice, thick coat of Seche Vite. On my accent nails I applied two coats of Orly Orange Punch, one coat of Sinful Colors Cloud Nine then stamped them with Hello Kitty from my plate from Born Pretty, then gave her a witch's hat from my Bundle Monster plate. (I got that idea from a fellow blogger. I can't remember who... The brain, it's the first thing to go! lol But she knows who she is, and thanks for the great idea! :D) I added a little glam to her hat with a silver striper then sealed those nails with Seche Vite, as well.

I think that I might do one more design, for Hallowe'en, it's self. If I have the time and can think of something good. We'll see. I have really stretched myself with the nail art, this year. :D

Okay, time to run along. Thank you so much for popping in. Have a great Sunday and may your polish never bubble.

Swatchity-Swatch: China Glaze West Side Warrior

Hello gentle readers. I hope that you aren't bored with my China Glaze Metro swatches because I have another one to show to you.

This is West Side Warrior. A beautiful, dusty olive green crelly. Two coats were all that I needed to get a smooth, opaque finish. Top coat just enhanced the built in shine and gloss from this polish.

Photograph was taken in my lightbox under my OttLight.

The formula of this polish is the same beautiful, smooth, silky, easy to control formula of all of the polishes in this collection. Yepper. I am doing a serious broken record thing, here. But dang! What else can I say? My powers of description only extend so far. lol

Do you own this lovely, lovely polish? Are you as impressed with and love this collection as much as I? Please do share, I'd love to hear what you have to say.

Thank you so much for stopping in, reading and commenting. Have a wonderful day and may your polish never bubble.

Swatchity-Swatch: China Glaze Urban-Night

Hello gentle readers.

Time for another China Glaze Metro swatch. This one is China Glaze Urban-Night. A beautiful dirty purple jelly. Warm and dusty and just... Squish-a-licious. I applied two coats of this polish and got a smooth, opaque, shiny finish.

Photograph taken in my lightbox, under my OttLight.

Another beautiful, smooth, gorgeous polish formula. This one is more jelly, it is silky and translucent but so pigmented that only two coats were needed to make it opaque and perfect. What else can I say? This stuff is, as a very kind reader recently said, the bomb diggity. :D

Do you own this lovely polish? Think that you might? Please do share, I's love to hear your thoughts.

Thank you so much for dropping by. Have a terrific day and may your polish never bubble.

Swatchity-Swatch: China Glaze City Siren

Hello there, gentle readers. How's your day going? Great, I hope. :)

Today I have a swatch of the oh-so-beautiful China Glaze City Siren from the Fall Metro Collection. China Glaze City Siren is a delicious, warm, rich, slightly dirty red crelly. I applied two coats and topped them with Seche Vite.

This photo was taken in my lightbox under my OttLight.

China Glaze City Siren has that gorgeous formula that I love and have come to expect from China Glaze. Smooth, creamy, silky and easy to apply. It flows off the brush so easily and smoothly, sits down where it is placed and is perfect, perfect, perfect. I love red. I love, love, love this red.

China Glaze City Siren is out in stores, along with it's sisters and is ready to come home with you. Won't you give it a home? :D

Thank you so much for popping in. Have a wonderful day and may your polish never bubble.

On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

And on the Wednesday before Hallowe'en we wear pink... Bats! :D

Hello gentle readers. It's been a while since I did a pink mani for Pink Wednesday and I wanted to get back into the swing of it and I also wanted to do something Hallowe'en-y so, I decided to do pink bats and make it spooky and girlie.

The base is Essie French Affair. A very soft, blue based sweet pink creme that to me reads a touch lilac. I applied three coats and topped it with Seche Vite.

All photographs were taken under my OttLight.

Essie French Affair is a bitch. Pretty, soft, girlie with the black heart of a demon. I struggled with this polish, applied three coats and it fought me hard, every frakking stroke of the way. The first coat was streaky and nasty. The second coat was a little less so. By the third, I was frustrated and pissed off and ready to lob the bottle. 

I finally, at the end of the third coat got it opaque and fairly smooth. But there were sharp lines around that clearly delineated every coat and I had to do so much cleanup as I applied, due to the nasty, ever gloopier formula that built up on the neck of the bottle and oddly ran and flooded and pooled on my cuticles. 


A thick coat of Seche Vite was the saving grace. Without it, I would have definitely had to remove this polish. As it was, the Seche melted this mess down and finished smoothing it out, including around the edges. Bleargh! I wore this polish as a pedi and that should have been my warning. But no... It wasn't. Will I wear this polish, again? I seriously doubt it. There are a gozillion beautiful pink polishes in this world and almost all of them have a better formula. I don't need this one. 

Pink bats. :D I used BM 213 and Color Club Hot Like Lava. (Yes, I will be swatching and writing up the Color Club Foiled collection, soon-soon. :D) I topped my finished design with Seche Vite. Hot Like Lava is amazingly easy to stamp. The image isn't super intense but I like it as it is. In person, my bats have a lovely shimmer and a touch of sparkle. I kinda like girlie pink bats all over my nails. :)

Okay, so... There is yet another attempt of mine at Hallowe'en nail art. I am doing better than last year, that's for sure. lol

Thank you so much for popping in. Have a terrific Wednesday, everyone and may your polish never bubble.

Swatchity-Swatch: Sinful Colors Ruby, Ruby

Hello gentle readers. Happy Tuesday morning to you all. I hope that your week is off to a good start.

Today I have a little red jelly to show to you. As you probably know, I am on a perpetual hunt for two polishes, my two holy grail polishes. A perfect cobalt blue jelly and a perfect, clear, classic red jelly. So far, I haven't found either. But my hopes remain high.

Please to set your eyes upon Sinful Colors Ruby, Ruby. A clear, classic blue based red jelly. This one could be a contender for my holy grail red jelly but for the fact that it isn't very pigmented and getting it to an opaque finish is an exercise in futility. I applied four coats and still had clearly visible VNL. And, while VNL isn't usually a problem for me, I don't care for it when I am wearing red polish. I topped this swatch with Seche Vite.

These photographs were taken in my lightbox under my OttLight. The VNL isn't all that visible in my photograph. It was visible in person, tho.

Sinful Colors Ruby, Ruby is a beautiful, clean, blue based red. This is a classic, glamour girl, pinup red. The formula is smooth and very silky. A jelly, it is squishy and translucent. A little too translucent, it turns out. Application is lovely but after four coats, it still shows VNL. Maybe a fifth coat would have made it fully opaque? I don't know. I don't think that I want to know. As beautiful as this colour is, as nice as it is to apply, I can't see myself applying five coats every time I want to use it. I have no idea about dry time. The polish on my nails was so thick, it wasn't near to dry by the time I finished swatching it.

 As far as I am concerned, this polish is a bust. Maybe I'll use it for a franken, one day. Maybe. Until then it is probably just going to languish in the dark. *sigh* Such a waste.

Dare I ask? Do you own this polish? What do you think of it?

Thank you so much for popping in, Have a wonderful day and may your polish never bubble.

Swatchity-Swatch: China Glaze First Mate

Hello gentle readers. Today I have a swatch of a truly gorgeous blue polish. This is China Glaze First Mate from their Spring Anchors Away collection. First Mate is a rich, saturated, slightly dusty blue creme. This polish, in addition to being beautiful is fabulous. I applied one coat and had a smooth, opaque, flawless finish. One coat, kids. One coat. I topped this swatch with Seche Vite. 

Photos taken in my lightbox under my OttLight. 

China Glaze First Mate is thick, creamy, smooth and silky as Dove dark chocolate. It is so easy to handle. Or it would have been, had I not been hopped up on enough caffeine to make a sloth race around like a two year old on an epic sugar rush. As it was, I kinda goobered up the works and had to grab my cleanup brush a few times. *sigh* I just don't understand the concept of moderation when it comes to coffee. :) My shaky, caffeine crazed application notwithstanding, this polish is just gorgeous. Both to use and to look at. Dry time is good, it dries shiny and lovely but you should still use top coat. ;)

China Glaze has recently added First mate to their core line, so if you are craving on it, it is available at Sally Beauty Supply and other retailers and e-tailers who carry the China Glaze core line. Oh! If you have been wanting Sea Spray, also from the Spring Anchors Away collection, it is also part of the core line, now. Yay!!! I grabbed it when I popped in to Sally's yesterday.

Do you own this incredible and lovely blue polish? Think that perhaps you would like to?

Thank you so much for coming over and hanging out for a bit. Have yourself a terrific day and may your polish never bubble.

Wet-N-Wild I *heart* Matte Eight Pan Matte Eye Shadow Palette Swatches and Review

Hello gentle readers.

I recently found the Wet-N-Wild Beauty Bar at my local Walgreen's, where these palettes are an exclusive, limited edition item. The price of this palette and the baked shadow palettes is $4.99. I almost fell over when I saw it... My local Wag's is a little hit or miss with the LE stuff so I wasn't expecting to see it. Of course, I grabbed one so fast, my hand was a mere blur, out and back. I also bought two of the baked palettes, I'll take pics and do swatches of those as soon as I get some more batteries for my camera. :D

The eight pan matte palette is housed in very bare bones plastic packaging. It includes eight pans of eye shadow and a double ended sponge applicator/brush. I have tried to use the sponge applicator/brush, just for fun and I am not at all impressed with the quality or how they apply the product. I just toss them.

Photographs are clickable, as always if you would like more detail.

 The palette as it arrived home with me. I love, love, love that Wet-N-Wild is so careful to seal their makeup so well. I can buy their products knowing that there is absolutely no chance that someone has swatched or outright used the product then returned it to the shelf. Unlike some brands with very easy to remove and replace seals or no seals, at all *cough* Revlon, Loreal *cough* the seals on Wet-N-Wild products are tight and very tamper resistant. 

 The palette, open. On the left are four brights; clear, bright white, a medium green, a Caribbean blue and a bright purple. On the right there are four neutrals; a soft, light tan, a deeper, peachy-tan, a deep rich chocolate brown and solid black.

 Some of my shadows have some sparkles in them, particularly the bright green, blue and purple. I also detected a very few in the dark brown shadow on the neutral side. I know that this is nit-picky stuff, but in my personal opinion, matte means no shimmer, no sparkle. Like I said, nit-picky. The sparkles aren't dense or really obvious and I can certainly live with their presence.  :)

Swatches. I applied these with my fingers to the back of my hand. I didn't use primer, just stroked them on to lightly moisturized skin. 

 Swatchity-swatch: The bright side: Clean white. Bright, parrot green. Clear, cool Caribbean blue and a medium, true purple. These colours are saturated and pretty true. If you enlarge this photograph, you can see the sparkles in the green, blue and purple.

The neutrals: Soft, near skin tone tan beige. A warm, peachy tan. Chocolate brown and black. These are warm and quite rich. 

I am so pleased at the quality of these shadows. Honestly, I was expecting them to be hard, a bit chalky and not have great pigmentation and patchy, uneven application. Happily I was very wrong. These shadows are soft and fairly velvety but they aren't so soft or fragile that they fall apart if you press into them with a brush or your finger. They felt smooth when I ran my finger across them and I picked up a ton of colour with each soft stroke. The colour transferred with pretty nice payoff and little fallout. 

I haven't worn these, yet. I am planning to take them for a tumble, today and I will give an update when I do. If these shadows perform as nicely as the rest of my Wet-N-Wild shadows do, I am going to be a happy girl. And may have to nip into Walgreen's and grab a backup of this palette, while I can still get it. :D

Have you found the Wet-N-Wild Beauty Bar at your local Walgreen's yet? Did you get the eight pan matte palette? Maybe some of the baked shadow palettes, too? My local Walgreen's likes to hide these displays, so peek around corners, down from end caps and look up high, so see if they are lurking above, waiting to be brought down. If the items are out on the floor, even up high, you can buy them. :D

If you are in the Prescott, Arizona area and looking for these, I found them at Walgreen's on Willow Creek Road. 

Hallowe'en-y Nail Art Fun

Hello gentle readers. Today's nail art is one of my all time favourites to do.

Googly eyes! :D Googly eyes are so cute and fun and so easy that even I can pull them off. To make them a little more spooky-cute I used an acid green neon to make the eyeballs look as if they are radioactive.

The supplies used:
Wet-N-Wild black creme
China Glaze Snow
Sinful Colors Neon Melon
China Glaze Ghoulish Glow
Seche Vite
A couple of dotting tools

I used Ghoulish Glow on top of the Neon Melon to make the eyeballs glow but it didn't work. They don't glow. *pout*

 I love googly eyes nails so much. They make me smile. They make me giggle. They just make me happy. 

Ghoulish Glow fail. As you can see, the eyes don't glow, at all. Oh well... It was a fun idea. I guess that the GG has to be applied in a thicker and larger amount to gather enough light to glow in the dark. :)

Do you like googly eyes nail art? Does it make you grin like it does me? 

Thank you for dropping by to say hi. Have a great one and may your polish never bubble. 

Urgh! Swatch Fest Fail and... Well, Just Read On

So, here's the thing... I figured that since holos were winning by such a large margin in my former Colour Series poll, I'd get a jump on things, swatch them and get them ready to go. Swatching fail ensued. You see, due to reasons I have written about before, I am only photographing polish under my OttLight. And... It just doesn't fire holos like the sun does. All of my photographs were just not what they should have been. Could have been. The holo was weak and barely showed and I was so unhappy with the photos that I deleted all of them and took my poll down.

Gah! All of that wasted effort, time, battery power and polish!!! Gah!

I will pick up my Colour Series with holos when we find a new place to live and get moved. Until then, I am going to just have fun with other kinds of polish, ones that do well under an OttLight. I am sorry if I disappointed anyone. I really, really am but if you read here regularly, you know why this has to be as it is, for now. Believe me when I say that I am not only disappointed, I am furious. I shouldn't have to feel this way where I live. Seriously. And I can't wait to find a new house and move the fuck out of this condo. I really, really can't. May the house gods hear my cry and the right place fall into our lives, soon. (It usually works that way for us, for some reason. lol)

So, anyway, that is what is going on with that.

Happiness Is: China Glaze It's Alive

Hello gentle readers.

This entry is dedicated to one of the prettiest Hallowe'en polishes I have ever met. Oddly, I was going to pass on this one. I was thinking that I didn't need it. I mean, how many Hallowe'en glitters does one gal need, anyway?

Turns out, she needs as many Hallowe'en glitters as she can get her greedy mitts on.

The more swatches of this polish I saw, the more I wanted it. Then I started to need it. So I broke down and placed an order for it from an Amazon seller. And boy am I ever glad that I did. China Glaze It's Alive is part of the 2011 Hallowe'en Haunting Collection. A rich, yellow green jelly base packed with green micro glitter and large green hex glitter This polish is green with occasional flashes and sparks of gold. It is beautiful. Like it's sisters in this collection and last year's Awakening collections, it is glamorous Hallowe'en.

For these swatches, I applied two coats and topped it with Top coat. Pics are clickable, if you are in the mood. They were taken under my OttLight in my lightbox.

The formula of this polish is as flawless as it is beautiful. Some glitter polishes can be a tad recalcitrant. China Glaze It's Alive is not. There is no dabbing or patting or placing with this polish. The viscosity is perfect, it flows off the brush smoothly and evenly, sits right down where it is placed, settles in and stays put. No running. No pooling. No cuticle flooding nonsense. I was able to paint nail after nail without any cleanup. I only picked up my cleanup brush a few times. Dry time isn't bad, at all for this polish. It is a tad top coat thirsty but it isn't a pig about it. I found that two coats of top coat made it as glassy and smooth as it was sparkly. For a beauty like this, an extra coat of top coat isn't a big old deal, to me.

I now have to acquire Near Dark. Then I will have the full Haunting collection. I thought that I just wanted Crimson and Ghoulish Glow. Ha! I was sooo wrong.

Do you own this lovely polish? Have you found it to be the beauty and pleasure that I do? Please do share, I'd love to hear what you have to say about it.

Thank you so much for popping in and spending a little time with me. Have a terrific day and may your polish never bubble.

Making a Little Change in My Giveaway Prize

Hello gentle readers. I hope that you are all having a good one.

I stopped in at Ross, really quickly this evening to see what I could see and one thing I was able to see (and purchase) was the creme portion of the Color Club Back to Boho Collection and I am adding it to my giveaway. One lucky winner will receive the entire twelve bottle collection and the included base and top coats.

If you haven't entered, please clickety-click to travel to my giveaway post and enter through 11/12/11 at 11:59 MST.

Okay, that is all I have, right now.

Oh! Here is a picture of the entire Back to Boho collection. And if you would like to see swatches, please click here to see them. (The swatches shown were done with my personal polishes. All polishes in this giveaway are brand new. :))

All righty, then. Now I am done. Ice Queen out.

Manicure of the Moment: China Glaze Mummy May I

Hello gentle readers. Time for another Hallowe'en-y nail look.

This is China Glaze Mummy May I from last year's Awakening Collection for Hallowe'en. A beautiful, rich, blackened, vampy purple jelly packed with brighter purple square glitter. This polish is like Lubu Heels but different colours. This is Hallowe'en done pretty. Spooky and vampy, yet beautiful. These China Glaze Hallowe'en glitters are all so gorgeous. I recently received It's Alive from this year's collection and swatched it and oh, boy! Yummeh! I'll show that one, soon. Promise. :D

I applied two coats of Mummy May I and topped it with Seche Vite. I was happy. I was admiring my pretty, vampy, purple, sparkly nails. I was cleaning up and went to put a bottle of polish away and goued up my left middle finger nail. Dug a horrid divot right down to the nail. Careless slag, I am.

 One huge-ass divot. I already had somewhat smoothed it when I remembered to take a picture. It is still pretty impressive, tho. Doesn't it look like a gaping wound? 

After I took the pic, I went into fix it mode. I have become good at fixing nails that have this happen to them. I  smoothed it a little more, but the hole didn't fill in any more. So, time to fill. I started with a little base coat. Let it start to dry and then in with a dollop of polish, smoothed it in there as best I could and filled the divot. I let that dry for a couple then applied a full coat over the entire nail, topped with with Seche Vite and Buh-bam! I had this:

 Nice, neat, smooth nail, again. I got skillz. :D
 But I still felt as though I needed to disguise the spot a bit more. I didn't really need to. I was just being silly about it and thought it wasn't good enough. *sigh* I am so good at second guessing myself. lol So, I grabbed my Kiss Nails Hallowe'en stickers and applied some to both middle fingers and thumb nails. Blech. I don't like stickers. The edges and corners stick up, they are too thick... Yuk. Then I topped them with Seche Vite and the fun really began. The stickers curled and it all looked a real mess on a stick.

 See? Yuk. Curly stickers with corners and edges sticking up. Do not like.

So, I used a wood cuticle pusher to remove stickers before removing the polish so that I could redo the nails. The pusher also removed the polish in sheets. Sweet! Made for easier cleaning of the nails and I didn't ruin  my other nails. I re applied on those four nails and have this:

This polish makes me happy. The formula was really thick and gluey, not gloopy or particularly sticky, just really thick. One nice thing about it as it was? It was super easy to control. After I finished polishing, I dumped in a bunch of thinner and shook the stuffing out of it.

I had perfect opacity in two coats. This dries pretty fast and the surface is dull. It definitely needs top coat. This polish is a little top coat thirsty. I still have a little texture on the surface of my nails and could use a second coat of Seche Vite. I reapplied the four nails I messed up after thinning and the formula was so much better. And still opaque in two coats.

You might notice that all of my photographs, lately have been taken under my OttLight. It isn't because we don't have sun. We have sun-a-plenty. We also have a new common wall neighbour and her SO is a person who makes me uncomfortable, for some reason. I don't know what it is... I just know that I don't like to go outside alone, anymore. I don't feel free to go out and take my nail photos. I feel exposed and as if I am being scrutinized, or something. So I stay in. Particularly when I am home alone. So, until we move (we are officially in house hunt mode) I am going to be taking most of my polish photos indoors in my lightbox. I hope that you don't mind.

Okay, so I think that is about it. What do you think of Mummy May I? Do you own it? Love it? If you would like it, it is still pretty easy to get your paws on. I bought mine from Amazon. It isn't hard to find or rare, so don't let anyone try to get you to pay more than the customary asking price.

Thank you so much for popping in. Have a terrific day and may your polish never bubble.

Swatchity-Swatch Wet-N-Wild Ice Baby Limited Edition Collection

Hello gentle readers. The moment has finally come.

You get to look at my craptastic (I don't know what is with my camera, lately!) swatch pictures of the new Wet-N-Wild Ice Baby Collection. I did these swatches in different numbers of coats on different fingers and over a coordinating solid colour. I thought that would best show what these polishes can really do.

I was going to spread these out over a couple of posts but I changed my mind and decided to just toss them at you all at once. For that reason, this is a long post, so get comfy. You're going to be here for a while. Heh heh heh. Don't forget to clickity-click to make bigness to get details and an eyeful of sparkly goodness. :D

Okay, so... To begin, here is the whole bunch, all stacked together.

 First up: Back Alley Deals: Purple fine glitter with medium sized fuchsia hex glitter. Why do I love purple and fuchsia mixed together so much? This is bright and fun and a little party in a bottle. 
P-One Coat
R-Two Coats
M-Three Coats
I-One Coat over China Glaze Crimson 

 Rockin' Rubies: Fine red glitter and medium sized red hex glitter. This is sparkly like rubies but it isn't a clear, bright red. There is a little grey in the base that blackens this a little, making it more interesting. 
P-One Coat
R-Two Coats
M-Three Coats
I-One Coat over Sinful Colors Ruby Ruby

 It's All in the Cut: Lavender and silver fine glitter with copper-rose holo hex glitter. This is soft and girlie and one would think better suited to Spring but the silver gives this an icy, cool quality that makes it perfect for Winter. 
P-One Coat
R-Two Coat
M-Three Coats
I-one coat over Sinful Colors Beverly Hills

 Give Me a Price Quote: Gold green fine glitter with teeny-tiny bar glitter. For me, this one really needs to be one thin coat over a base of some kind. If it is built up too much, it looks like a fresh steamy road apple. I don't like my nails to look like fresh, steamy road apples. lol  But really, it is a bit... Hairy for my taste when it is really built up.
P-One Coat
R-Two Coats
M-Three Coats
I-One Coat over China Glaze Electric Pineapple

 24 Carats: Fine gold glitter and tiny bar glitter that shifts gold and bronze. I could swear that I saw some red flashes, too. This one is rich and warm and really shiny. It is prettier in person than photographs. 
P-Two Coats
R-One Coat
M-Three Coats 
I-One Coat over Finger Paints Key to My Art

 Diamond in the Rough: Fine grey and silver glitter with medium silver holo hex glitter. This is really pretty, dark but not dull in the least. It looks a little dirty and gritty in the best kind of way. I love this over a grey base. 
P-Two Coats
R-One Coat
M-Three Coats
I-One Coat over China Glaze Concrete Catwalk

 Cost is No Issue: Teal fine glitter with blue medium hex glitter. I love this one. Teal and bright blue just meld so nicely together. 
P-One Coat
R-Two Coats
M-Three Coats
I-One Coat over Sinful Colors Savage

And finally, Believe Me, it's Real: Deep blue fine glitter packed with medium fuchsia hex glitter. This one is my fave of the bunch. (dur! lol) It looks like a sapphire that flashes pink in the light. 
P-One Coat
R-Two Coats
M-Three Coats
I-One Coat over China Glaze First Mate

What can I say about these polishes? How about... They are really pretty. Bright, sparkly, great colours. In my opinion, these glitters look best layered over a coordinating or contrasting base colour. I am not too wild about these on their own. 

The formula of these polishes isn't the best I have ever encountered. In fact, at first it was a bit... Unpleasant.  These were very, very thick and kind of dry. Odd, I know but that is how they felt. I did the first coat of the first nail of the first swatch; trying to lay down a smooth, even coat was downright difficult. I knew immediately that these needed a good dose of thinner. I added about fourteen drops of thinner to each bottle, gave them all a good shake, shake, shake and they behaved so much better. I swatched five last night and the last three, today and the polishes that sat overnight with the thinner were even better.

 I don't know if that was due to the fact that their formula as better or thanks to the thinner. Maybe a bit of both? Whatever the case, I do suggest adding thinner to these polishes, shaking well and maybe letting them marinate a little, if you can stand to wait before you dive in. 

This polish applies a little unevenly, go slow and be deliberate but try not to over work them too much because they will grab and drag bald spots. They tend to build up a little unevenly, as you no doubt saw in my photographs. As I said earlier, I feel that these are best as layering polishes. And that is how I will use them, in the future. 

Dry time for these polishes is fast. They dry matte and pretty gritty. They are top coat sucking vampires. I applied two coats of Dare to Wear Top Coat (my glitter swatching top coat) and they could have used a third. I Imagine that if I had been using Seche Vite (which is too expensive to use up on marathon swatch sessions) two coats would probably been sufficient. 

I can't do a Wet-N-Wild review without addressing The Big Issue. The brushes. Yup. Shit-tastic, as always. *sigh* I had to grab my little scissors and cut some wonky hairs on a couple of brushes and trim too long hairs off the ends of several brushes. The rest weren't too, too bad and since I was applying glitters, I didn't worry too much about them. But I am still not happy with the brushes. 

Anywhoozle... There are pluses and minuses to these polishes but I have to say, overall, they are pretty, sparkly, look fabulous layered and, after a little thinner love, behave in a halfway decent fashion. I feel that they are definitely worth hunting down and buying. At three clams a pop, they are worth the price. I am certainly glad that I bought them. Believe me, if I hated them, back they would go. I have no problem returning products I dislike. I am keeping these. :D

The Wet-N-Wild Ice Baby Collection should be hitting the shelves of your local drugstores, soon, if they haven't already. These polishes are very limited edition, so if you see the display, fall upon it and gather ye polishes while ye may. If this collection is like other LE W-N-W collections, there will be one display of two of each colour and that will be it. That is how my local Wag's rolls. If you don't see these on the regular shelves, try looking up high, on top of the shelves. You might spot them, there. I know that some people have. So, get out there and good hunting! :D

What do you think of these polishes? Like the look of them? Have you found these polishes, yet? Snapped them up? Please do tell. 

Thank you so much for popping in and reading this long, long post. Have a great night and may your polish never bubble. 

Swatchity-Swatch: China Glaze Concrete Catwalk

Hello gentle readers.

I thought that I would swatch up the rest of the China Glaze Fall Metro collection polishes I bought. This is Concrete Catwalk. One of the nicest grey polishes I have ever owned and used. I've worn this a couple of times and I love it. In fact, I am seriously considering purchasing a backup bottle. I own very few backups but I think I will need one of this colour. I love this alone, layered or as a base colour for nail art. It is a versatile as it is beautiful.

China Glaze Concrete Catwalk is a dirty grey creme. The colour reminds me of wet concrete, freshly poured and smoothed. This is two coats topped with Seche Vite. Please ignore the smudge on my middle finger nail. That is just a little oil.

China Glaze Concrete Catwalk has a beautiful formula. Thick, smooth, creamy, silky. It applies like a dream, behaves like a true lady and has decent dry time, especially when topped with Seche Vite. This polish is so opaque that I almost had the finish I wanted in one coat. I can see someone with mad painting skills making this a one coat wonder.

Concrete Catwalk is widely available now in stores or online sites that sell China Glaze.

Do you own this polish? Love it as much as I have grown to? Please do tell, I'd love to hear what you think.

Thank you so much for stopping in and reading. Have a terrific day and may your polish never bubble.

In the Throes of Swatching

Hello gentle readers. I am in the throes of swatching my Wet-N-Wild polishes, now. I have three to go and should finish tomorrow morning. Time allowing, I may get them uploaded and posted by tomorrow night or the next morning. :D

Until then, please enjoy a couple of swatches of Finger Paints new Fall polish colours. I only bought two of those polishes. I wasn't too inspired by that collection and these were the only two that captured my imagination.

 Purple Pinstripe. A dusty medium purple creme. This is two coats with top coat. 

To-Tealy Cool. A dusty teal blue that reads to me cadet blue, not really teal. But, what do I know? lol This is two coats and top coat.

The formula of these polishes is pretty nice. Smooth, easy to apply. There was no streaking or bubbling. I had little cleanup and dry time is decent. 

These polishes are a little weird... They had yukky, dusty streaks running through them and there was some settled on the bottom of the bottles. It took a lot of shaking to get it all back together. Well, mostly. If you look at the bottles in person, they still have the streaks. Blech. 

But the colours are pretty. 

Okay, I hope that this will hold you over for a bit, while I get those new polishes swatched. :D Thanks for stopping by, have a great night and may your polish never bubble. 

Preview: Wet-N-Wild Color Icon Ice Baby Limited Edition Collection

Hello gentle readers. Today I have a little preview of the new Wet-N-Wild polish collection. Swatches will be forthcoming, soon, I promise. :D

 I think that I have been playing too much PhitDroid. :P Either that or I am under the impression that I am creative... I should have put the red one upside down, too. Oh vell. :)

The lineup of the suspects. From left to right: Believe Me, It's Real; a blue base packed with fine blue glitter and fuchsia sequins. It's All in the Cut;  lavender fine glitter with copper holo (very unusual! :D) sequins. Give Me a Price Quote is a light gold-green fine glitter with tiny bar glitter. Rockin' Rubies is red fine glitter and larger red sequins. 24 Carats; gold and dark gold glitter with fine bar glitter. Back Alley Deals is purple glitter with red sequins. Cost is No Issue is teal glitter with blue sequins and Diamond in the Rough is a dark grey and silver glitter with silver holo sequins.

These polishes come in .35 oz. square bottles. I did tiny swatches on my notes to refresh my memory for this post and while the polish is pretty the brushes are typical Wet-N-Wild. *sigh* I live in hope that one day they will hear our cries and do better with the brushes.

I keep admiring my little tiny swatches on paper. I may have to get to swatching these sooner than I thought. :D

Look What I Saw, Today

Get a load of this, kids.

The new Wet-N-Wild Color Icon Ice Baby Limited Edition Collection.  *fans self* I know... Right? I almost fell over when I saw it! A bright, shiny, brand new, full! display of a LE W-N-W polish collection. In my podunk town! 

I had to pop into Walgreen's today to return that mascara that I reviewed recently and pick up my 'scripts. After doing those things, the plan was to high tail it to Ross and see if there were any of the Foiled or glitter collections in the bins. Maybe go to Sally's for a Haunting polish...

That was the plan. Fortunately, I couldn't resist taking a swing through the beauty section as I headed for the door. And I am glad that I did. Because I saw that Wet-N-Wild display. Buried under the top shelf. Kind of slightly hidden. But not from my peepers. Oh, no siree! Yes, I squealed a little. I couldn't believe that it was there, in full colour. Just perfect and full and... *fans self, again*

So, I drooled, hemmed, hawed, picked up a couple, put them down, picked a couple of others, put them down, debated with myself... Shot a craptastic pic with my phone and, deciding that Ross will be there another day and I could get the Haunting polishes any old time, and who knows when or if I would ever, ever see these polishes, again, I gleefully gathered one of all eight new colours into my hot little hands and shot off to the register to say a cheerful goodbye to my Color Club (maybe China Glaze) money. 

It was worth every dime, if you ask me. These are sooo pretty! There is a preview post coming up in the AM. I don't know when I am going to get to swatches... A part of me just wants to keep them and pet them. lol

Have you spotted these in your area, yet? Did you grab them? If you see them, snatch them up, fast before polish hogs like me wipe out half the display. Seriously. We are out there and we are greedy. ^^

Swatchity-Swatch: Revlon Blue Mosiac and Nail Art Fail

Hello gentle readers.

Just to be clear, I don't "hate" crackle. I don't have good luck with it. I can't make it work for me so I don't use it. I was just having a little fun at my bottle of crackle's expense. I know that a good shake, shake, shake would return it to perfect working order.  ;)

Okay, so how's about a swatch? Then I'll show you some really busted up bad nail art. 'Cause I'm just a giver, that way. Today I have a really, really pretty polish to show you. This is Revlon Blue Mosiac. A sheer, pale blue jelly filled with tiny blue glitter and larger aqua, green and silver hex sequins. This stuff is so icy cool, delicate and sparkly. It looks like a mermaid grotto, sunlight sparkling off of water, an aquamarine. I love this glitter.

I did something different on each nail to show this polish's range.

 Under my OttLight in my lightbox. (I am still loving saying that. I am such a dweeb. lol) Pinkie, one coat. Ring, three coats. Middle one coat over a coat of Wet-N-Wild black creme. Index, two coats. (I kinda goobered that one up.) Topped with top coat. 

 In shade.

 In direct sun.

Wowsa! Look at that sparkle! You should have seen in in person. It blinged my eyes and made my poor old camera weep. Seriously. Sparkly and just so pretty. :D

Swatching this one was a real cluster fuck. (I don't get to say "cluster fuck" very often, tee hee.) I think I had swatch fatigue (yes, I am still trying to make "swatch fatigue" happen ;p) by the time I got to this beauty and it just gave me a world of trouble. It flooded some of my cuticles, blobbed in spots, forcing me to clean it off and re do it. Several times on several nails. Again, I think that most of that was my fault, since I was at that point in my swatch party (yes, I totally stole that... I am a shameless phrase swiping ho bag ;)) when I wanted to get done and get my mani on. So, I am not placing all of the blame on the polish. Glitters can be a mixed bag, some easier, some a little more difficult and I think that this one just needed a little more care than I was willing to give it, at that time. 

Besides, it's so danged pretty that it was worth a little fuss. I mean, just look at the sparkle in that last photo! :D

Okay, so... I did a little nail art yesterday. And the finished product was the result of over thinking, over working and not listening to my first instincts. And I am going to try this, again. And I am going to go with my first idea. lol Wanna see my yukky nails? I would have already cleaned this off but I don't have time, this morning so I have to wear it, for now. Blech!

I call it, "Headed Home". The little ghosties are all headed back to their spooky houses after a hard night of haunting. 

My instincts told me to make the moons smaller and skip the ghosts. Did I listen? Nooooo. I can be such a moron, sometimes. 

Okay so, this is long enough, so I'll let you go. Thanks for popping in. Have a great day and may your polish never bubble. 

And yes, I am going for the world's record for the biggest abuser of parentheses in a single blog post. Am I close, yet? Heh heh.


This is not cool.

Crackle sucks.