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Swatchity-Swatch: Sinful Colors Ruby, Ruby

Hello gentle readers. Happy Tuesday morning to you all. I hope that your week is off to a good start. Today I have a little red jelly to show to you. As you probably know, I am on a perpetual hunt for two polishes, my two holy grail polishes. A perfect cobalt blue jelly and a perfect, clear, classic red jelly. So far, I haven't found either. But my hopes remain high. Please to set your eyes upon Sinful Colors Ruby, Ruby. A clear, classic blue based red jelly. This one could be a contender for my holy grail red jelly but for the fact that it isn't very pigmented and getting it to an opaque finish is an exercise in futility. I applied four coats and still had clearly visible VNL. And, while VNL isn't usually a problem for me, I don't care for it when I am wearing red polish. I topped this swatch with Seche Vite. These photographs were taken in my lightbox under my OttLight. The VNL isn't all that visible in my photograph. It was visible in person, tho. Sinf

Swatchity-Swatch: China Glaze First Mate

Hello gentle readers. Today I have a swatch of a truly gorgeous blue polish. This is China Glaze First Mate from their Spring Anchors Away collection. First Mate is a rich, saturated, slightly dusty blue creme. This polish, in addition to being beautiful is fabulous. I applied one coat and had a smooth, opaque, flawless finish. One coat, kids. One coat. I topped this swatch with Seche Vite.  Photos taken in my lightbox under my OttLight.  China Glaze First Mate is thick, creamy, smooth and silky as Dove dark chocolate. It is so easy to handle. Or it would have been, had I not been hopped up on enough caffeine to make a sloth race around like a two year old on an epic sugar rush. As it was, I kinda goobered up the works and had to grab my cleanup brush a few times. *sigh* I just don't understand the concept of moderation when it comes to coffee. :) My shaky, caffeine crazed application notwithstanding, this polish is just gorgeous. Both to use and to look at. Dry time is good,

Hallowe'en-y Nail Art Fun

Hello gentle readers. Today's nail art is one of my all time favourites to do. Googly eyes! :D Googly eyes are so cute and fun and so easy that even I can pull them off. To make them a little more spooky-cute I used an acid green neon to make the eyeballs look as if they are radioactive. The supplies used: Wet-N-Wild black creme China Glaze Snow Sinful Colors Neon Melon China Glaze Ghoulish Glow Seche Vite A couple of dotting tools I used Ghoulish Glow on top of the Neon Melon to make the eyeballs glow but it didn't work. They don't glow. *pout*  I love googly eyes nails so much. They make me smile. They make me giggle. They just make me happy.  Ghoulish Glow fail. As you can see, the eyes don't glow, at all. Oh well... It was a fun idea. I guess that the GG has to be applied in a thicker and larger amount to gather enough light to glow in the dark. :) Do you like googly eyes nail art? Does it make you grin like it does me?  Thank you for dropping by to

Swatchity-Swatch Wet-N-Wild Ice Baby Limited Edition Collection

Hello gentle readers. The moment has finally come. You get to look at my craptastic (I don't know what is with my camera, lately!) swatch pictures of the new Wet-N-Wild Ice Baby Collection. I did these swatches in different numbers of coats on different fingers and over a coordinating solid colour. I thought that would best show what these polishes can really do. I was going to spread these out over a couple of posts but I changed my mind and decided to just toss them at you all at once. For that reason, this is a long post, so get comfy. You're going to be here for a while. Heh heh heh. Don't forget to clickity-click to make bigness to get details and an eyeful of sparkly goodness. :D Okay, so... To begin, here is the whole bunch, all stacked together.  First up: Back Alley Deals: Purple fine glitter with medium sized fuchsia hex glitter. Why do I love purple and fuchsia mixed together so much? This is bright and fun and a little party in a bottle.  P-One C