Colour Series ~ Purple Day Five

Hello gentle readers. I hope that you are having a terrific day.

Today I have a real gem for your viewing pleasure. A purple that I read about on so many blogs, last year. So many of you loved and gushed over this polish and when I finally got my hot little hands on it I was nearly upside down with happiness.

Say hello to Color Club Pucci Licious. Part of their Poptastic Collection, this bright, nearly neon purple crelly is a true stunner and a wonderful addition to any polish collection. I applied two coats and top coat for this swatch.

 OttLight. I had to edit the snot out of these photos, thanks to my butt of a camera making this look like a pale lavender. Pffft! 


Aaaand again, in the sun.

Color Club Pucci Licious is, in my opinion worth every word of the hype it received when it hit the market and the Blogosphere. This colour is beautiful. It is bright, saturated and happy but there is a slight... I don't know... Something indefinable that keeps this from being just another bright purple. The formula is stunning. This polish flowed off the brush and sat right down where I asked it to. I had almost no cleanup with this one, it is that well behaved. And if you know anything about my polishing skills, that is saying something, to be sure. lol Two coats made this perfect. Smooth. Opaque. It does dry satin matte, so to get it to shine a top coat is in order. 

Do you own this lovely polish? Are you as in love with it as I am? If you are thinking that you might like to add this one to your polish family, I have had good luck seeing the Poptastic collections at Ross, recently. This polish is also available from various e-tailers and the Color Club website. You can probably also find it on E-Bay and Amazon. Don't let anyone try to sell this to you at an inflated price. It is widely available; not at all rare or hard to find.

Thank you so much for popping in. Have yourselves a terrific day and may your polish never bubble.